All the Beautiful people

I am such a Treehugger....

No really I am!
I finally got around to using my China Glaze Tree Hugger.
I am in love, it applies like silk. 2 Coats to perfection.
I added some diagonal dots because I can. Pardon their lack of perfection as I could not find my dotting tool so I did this with a striping brush.

Back to my Tree hugging.....

Please reconsider using Real trees for Christmas...

It takes between 4 and 8 years to grow an average "Christmas" tree

So instead of cutting down a perfectly healthy, oxygen producing, air filtering, living tree...

A nice fake tree cost about the same last forever and many are made of recycled materials.

Or plant a Pine tree in your yard and decorate it each year.

You just never know what to expect from me do you?! :)


  1. love the green on you, and the dots look pretty good to me

  2. Ah, chlorophyll! The green is so fresh. It makes me think of aquatic plants. The dots are a sweet touch. <3

  3. I can't believe how good you are! I seen then and was like oh my gosh click click click it wont load fast enough! Ok can you tell I love this one!?!

    I agree get a fake tree then you can put it up real early like me and leave it up till after New Years so you can enjoy all the pretties for a good month through! I love the pretty lights.

  4. wow!! as always i love ur nails.. whatever color u put on ur nails.. its always stunning!!

  5. Such a pretty color!
    We have a fake tree, I'm allergic to the real thing.

    Btw, you NEED Finger Paints Icy Iris. I have it on my tips and toes (pictures sometime tomorrow) and it's gorgeous purple glass flecked goodness!

  6. I love how this looks (: your nails are so long and beautiful that everything looks great on them

  7. I love that polish. I must admit I bought it for the name but once I wore it I really liked it.
    I always get a real tree, it's just not Christmas without one.

    We buy a little one with roots and all and put it in a bucket of mud and water it every day. Depending on the weather forecast we plant it in our garden after new years or Christmas.

    A Christmas tree lasts us up to about 3-4 years that way before they get too big for our tiny living room and then we give it to my father in law who wants to have his own forest in his massive back yard.

    And the good thing about buying one with roots is that they don't lose needles like the cut ones do so no mess and it's ecofriendly!

    In fact, I think it's better for the environment then fake ones. They might be recycled but it's still plastic.

  8. great green post! save the trees!!!

    your never ending imagination with your manicures just amazes me!!

  9. Oooooo...Lizard nails!
    Loooove the dots. The placement makes your nails look exceptionally long and wicked....very cool.

  10. Ooo, I love this! My family has put up a fake tree since 2000, ever since a spider nest was in a tree and little baby spiders got all over the house!

  11. we have a fake tree as well... I hate the real ones, because I'm allergic, and they sting and make my hands feel itchy!


  12. I love the smell of a real tree but I'm with you. Fakies are so much better all around, and if you like the smell of the real trees, bath and body works has this amazing evergreen spray. I stocked up on it when I worked there.
    I love the polish color! Its so happy!

  13. Your nails look just gorgeous with their dotty design. Love them. I have a fake tree and it's also white. My girlfriend has always wanted one so she bought it last year. It is pretty. I do prefer a green tree with color lights. No more cutting down trees.


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