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Dazzle Dry Nail Polish system review

I was given the oportunity to review the New Dazzle Dry Nail polish system.
They sent me a huge packet of information on the products. I love that! Companies who really inform their customers are always tops with me.
Here are a few key points that I am very pleased with:
  • These are Vegan
  • The Greenest of all nail polish formulas
  • The World's Only Nitrocellulose Free, toluene free, Formaldehyde free and Phthalate free
  • Non yellowing, color stable formula
  • Self leveling
Now this I love this is a quote from Dazzle Dry "Your nails will be so completely dry after 5 minutes that we DARE you to dig into your purse!"
I don't know about you but I love a good dare!
Here is what I was sent:

Yes that is the product info fanned out.

The box is the "system" and to the left is the nail laquer.

Left to right: Nail Laquer in Pumped up Purple (.5 fl oz), Nail prep (1 fl. oz.), Bse coat (.5 fl oz.), and Top coat (.5 fl. oz.)

I read the information and the instructions, which are very simple.
1) Use a cotton ball and swipe each nail with nail prep.
Nail prep is an alcohol based product that removes excess oils from the nail to help with adhesion.
I was happy that the alcohol smell was not strong, nor was it drying to the surrounding skin.

2) apply one coat of Base coat.
The base coat dried very fast and had a somewhat sticky feel. (a good thing if you have a hard time with polish peeling)

3)Apply 1-2 coats of laquer.
The laquer dried very fast and was opaque in one coat but my OCD requires 2 coats.

4) Apply one coat of Top coat.
Definatly dries quickly. It is self leveling but not as much so as Seche Vite. Not overly thick like some fast dry t/c's.

My opinions:
I definitly would have chosen a different color if I had the choice. Don't get me wrong it's a nice color but a little to brown based for my liking. It is a nice blackened purple creme with a slightly Jelly texture.
I tested the dare thoroughly, digging through my purse, folding laundry, scratching my husbands back and washing my hair. I did one right after the other starting exactly 5 minutes after I applied top coat to the last nail. It passed with flying colors and yes I was impressed! I did have a little bubbling but that, I believe, was due to my Husband having to turn the fan on in our room while I did my nails.
They have some very pretty colors that I am going to have to try. I wish there were swatches of the colors somewhere but I found none. All in all if you are one with little time or patience when it comes to doing your nails then this is a fabulous product for you. It wears well so far, not tip wear or chips after 24 hours of 3 kids, house work, play, showers, dishes and cooking.
You can check them out Here.
Dazzle Dry is sold on VB Cosmetics website, which is a vegan site full of some goodies I am going to try.


  1. I really want to try this! I love anything vegan and my nails have been so yellow lately from all the polishing!

    I also love how they have the nail prep. In cos school, we used to use straight up alcohol after the nail polish remover! It stank!!!

  2. the system looks interesting. I want to try it!! But the only thing is that I wonder if it still works with your own basecoat? My nails def need a strengthening basecoat

  3. Lisa Kate- I like the nail prep too.

    Adrienne- I will try it tomorrow with my regular base coat and let you know if it works.

  4. how fun! i remember reading about Dazzle on the nailphile's blog and thinking it would be worth looking into. it's always good to be vegan and chemical free right :)

  5. I am dying to try these. I have no patience at all! When I do my nails I always have everything I need out on my table so I don't need to go searching through my purse ie my mobile phone! Sometimes I forget and my phone rings and I have to smudge for the sake of answering my phone!!

  6. Kellie- I am all for any product that is Animal friendly and good at the same time.

    Jodes- I think these might have been made with you in mind. lol

  7. Oooh, i love this dark shade on you! It really doesn't look much different from black, but still. :) BTW: I love the same kind of music but CoF almost gave me stroke. It scared me!

  8. Jess- I'll PM you some more info.

    Nihrida- CoF Scary? Was it Sexiness that is Dani Filth that frightened you?

  9. Anything that dries quickly is a plus in my opinion. I don't have time to sit around and wait for my nails to dry.
    I like the addition of the music to the blog!

  10. Your nails look awesome as usual. I wanted to try this system but I had too many other products. You know how you order and get free topcoats. I'm loaded with stuff. It's great that it worked. You never know when I get fed up and will go looking at the Dazzle Dry. Have a nice weekend sweetie.
    Love ya.

  11. Deb- I'm just too impatient to wait. And Thank You, I breath music can't stand to be without it.

    Lucy- I know what you mean, I wish more companies would give a good base coat instead once in a while.
    Have a great weekend lovie!


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