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Color Club Wicked Sweet scented Collection- I always Get My Man-Darine

I love fruity scented things but Orange is my enemy color....
unless it is a Color Club neon!
Warm colors look horrid on me...but Color Club is the one company that takes
pity on people like me! They are genius at adding a contrasting shimmer that makes it less
painful to wear these warm sunny shades!
Man-darin is hard to capture in pictures (neon is evil on camera) but it is a
sweet juicy tangerine/Mandarin with a beautiful green shimmer
It smells like fruit loops for the first few hours and then calms down to a soft sweet Mandarin scent
The formula is great, smooth and easy to apply though I will never love the skinny CC brush it is worth
the split second of extra work for the fun and funky shades!
Orange is still not my best color but I dismissed my crazy red fingers for this pretty!

*Products in this post were provided by the company/pr for my honest review


  1. Now i can comment again!

    That color is pure awesomeness!

  2. That is such an unusual orange. I think *someone* should make a lip colour like that.

  3. I love scented nail polishes, but I've never smelled one that smelled like fruit. I wish!!!

  4. Great, I love this color!

  5. Beautiful color!!! Looks good on you! :)

  6. Dirgesinger- YAY!

    carissakuo- I was so surprised at how pretty it is irl!

    Robyn- With or without the green shimmer? lol

    Akuma Kanji- I'm a scent nut! Fruity is my favorite.

    TheNailAddict- I think it would look wayyyyy better on you!

    Nails By Desiré- Thank you lovie! :o)

  7. Damn that is an awesome color! So happy and fun (: Great for those sunny days. I'm really curious about the scent though!

  8. Really like this shade. Fruit Loop smelling also! This is one polish I have to have. Might be difficult not to take a nibble of your nails!

  9. Nana- The scent is strong the first few hours so if you are sensitive to stong scents it might bother you. I noticed by the second day that unless I put my nails right up to my nose, I couldn't smell it at all.

    Lucy- No nail nibbling...snack on froot loops! lol

  10. I think this looks AWESOME on you! :) Haha, fruit loops....sounds yummy. I STILL have not tried a single scented polish.

  11. That color looks amazing on you!

  12. such a great summer shade! gorgeous!

  13. I love this shade. It just screams summer. I've got to get it.

  14. I think this looks AWESOME on you! :) Haha, fruit loops....sounds yummy. I STILL have not tried a single scented polish.


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