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China Glaze Blue Iguana - Summer Set collection

In support of Autism awareness month (April) I will be doing Blue Wednesday all month.
I have a dear friend will a beautiful son who is Autistic and many of you may not know
about my baby Brother who passed away but he was Autistic & my heart!
So Wes & Boo this ones for you! *Smooches*
Blue Iguana is a beautiful metallic blue base with teal shimmer

It's odd that it looks sheer in the pictures because in real life there was no VNL at all
The formula was a touch runny but not bad and it applied very nicely.
There is that teal peaking out
This is 2 coats with SV top coat
This color reminds me of a hidden lagoon under lazy shade trees with just enough sun peeking through to warm you. I think I love this one!

I strongly encourage you all to donate to The National Autism Association
and if you can't donate funds...donate your time! I promise you that you will gain as much or more from the experience as those you are helping! Read up & inform yourself, teach your children about Autistic & differently abled children and adults...the more they know the better the future will be!

**Products in this post were sent by the company/pr for my honest review