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3 for 1 Tag

First Nicole from MagicMaid tagged me for Show your fridge.

I have no idea what's on top...I can't reach up

This is my Froggy magnet isn't he cute! Chris got him for me since we can't have pets.

Next Sasha from Nihrida's blog tagged me for What I like.
Flower: Calalillies, morning glories and Day lilies

Food: Yes please! Type? I love traditional Blackfoot foods, Wazapii, Buffalo stew, Fry bread, Blood berry soup mmmmmm

Books: I don’t have much time to read, though I love a good book. I like horror, culture and Historical books but only those written by the group or culture as they are accurate.

Clothes: Jeans and T shirts mostly I don’t have time for much else.

Shoes: Flip flops, boots and heels

Baked goods/pastry: Where? I’m not huge on these but one of my Grandfather’s was a Pastry chef and he made a fabulous Chocolate Napolean

Vegetable: I love veggies, cucumbers, carrots, salad, greens, celery, bokchoi, Snap peas, pretty much any veggie is welcome on my plate except brussel sprouts, artichokes and lima beans.

Fruit: Love fruit, Watermelon, apple, tangerines, grapes, kiwi, pomegranete

Movie: This is hard, I love horror, SciFi, fantasy, historical movies and a good wee your pants comedy

Tea or coffee: Coffee but I do drink tea also

Magazine: Nailz, lol I don’t really read magazines

Vacation: (Beach-, skiing or big city ): The beach, I love the ocean

Beer or wine: I don’t drink

Sport: I suck at sports but I do watch the Saints games with Chris and I can scream and cheer with the best of them.
And VampiressDoll from Bleeding beauty tagged me for

the rules tag 5 other bloggers you love to read and answer the following load of questions

1. Where is your cell phone? On the book case

2. Your hair? In desperate need of a cut!

3. Your Mother? Dearly missed

4. Your Father? Funny as hell and missed as well.

5. Your favourite food? Coffee

6. Your dream last night? Something bizarre I’m sure

7. Your favourite drink? See #5

8. Your dream / goal? For my business to take off

9. What room are you in? Bedroom

10. Your hobby? chasing snails

11. Your fear? Bees…they are evil I tell you!

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Snuggled up on the couch with Chris

13. Where were you last night? Home cheering for the Saints

14. Something you aren't? Normal

15. Muffins? No thanks I’m full

16. Wish list item? See left sidebar. lol

17. Where did you grow up? Mostly Kansas City Missouri

18. Last thing you did? Ate dinner

19. What are you wearing? My Misfits T shirt and jammie pants

20. Your TV? I leave it alone and it leaves me alone.

21. Your pets? Don’t have any L

22. Your friends? The best ever!

23. Your life? Not half bad

24. Your mood? Delusional

25. Missing someone? Kyrstin and Fuzzy

26. Vehicle? It’s green

27. Something your not wearing? LMAO….not telling

28. Your favourite store? Sephora

29. Your favourite colour? Black, pink, green, blue, purple, silver

30. When was the last time you laughed? A few minutes ago Chris was playing motor boat.

31. Last time you cried? Can’t remember

32. Your best friend? Chris, he’s my bestest besty!

33. One place that i go over and over? The coffee pot

34. One person who emails me regularly? Jess

35. Favourite place to eat? Home

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  1. if ya wanna come over sometime I'll cutcha 'her for ya :) and oh goodness a 3'fer. My fridge is frightening hahaha

  2. Ange-'d wack muh do for mey? You so shweet!

    witoxicity- Thanks lovie! I try not to bore you guys! :)

  3. Cute fridge and tags! =) And btw I really like the most recent nail color, super awesome! Love those vampy black with glitter/shimmer polishes.

  4. I so enjoyed reading this! :D

  5. if ya wanna come over sometime I'll cutcha 'her for ya :) and oh goodness a 3'fer. My fridge is frightening hahaha


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