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Recycled manicure

China glaze Recycle is the perfect medium gray creme.

Origionaly I was going to Konad over it but this color is simply perfect so I decided to keep it simple and added some of my favorite little decals.

Sorry my clean up was really bad on this one.

and with our recycled mulch, made from used tires how cool is that.


  1. I need this color, and those decals look great; this mani is gorgeous!

  2. Very adorable. Love recycle and those decals are sweet! Never heard of tire mulch! Very cool.

  3. Looks really great. I have no gray cremes in my collection I have suddenly realised! Might have to get this one.

  4. I love ChG I LOVE this manicure! I think Powerlifterchick got me decals like those. Adorable! =)

  5. This is gorgeous! I love the decals ! Also,you're the 3rd person who has sung the praises of ChG Recycle.I think that's a sign that I need to get it :)
    P.S. My dad uses recycled tire mulch too <33

  6. This is so adorable, I love how the decals look over the grey polish

  7. gildedangel- yes you need this color!

    thriszha- Thank You!

    Lucy- Thanks hun!

    Jodes- go, go now! You must have at least one gray creme!

    Nihrida- I am secretly hoarding these decals, shhhhh don't tell anyone!

    Pinkginger- it is definitly a sign, you need recycle! And Your Dad is a smart Man, tire mulch rules!
    S- Thank You! :)

  8. I think that's a pretty cool grey!

    Where do you get your cute decals?

  9. This looks really good! Hell everything looks really good on you! I like it!

  10. Pyrra- I got them at CVS

    Jess- ((hugs))

  11. Yay! You have Recycle! It is the perfect grey creme, no? Looks so good on you, love those decals.

  12. This is my fav Grey! Looks great on you!

  13. I have been wanting Recycle for so looooooong!!


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