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Hey Look she posted

*Waves at the hotties*

I realized yesterday that today February 28 would have been my Moms 65 Birthday.
What better excuse to get my butt back to the blogging that I love?

So I did a special manicure for my mommy
From Nubar's Jellybeans collection I used Strawberry, With Cherry on my middle finger with White Polk a Dot from the Polk a Dot collection and some of my favorite nail decals from a billion different sets.

This is my Mom...isn't she pretty!
Strawberry is a sweet pink that you can wear as a jelly or build it to opaque. Cherry is a super squishy almost jelly cherry red, I love it insanely! And the Polk a dots.....Oh do not get me started I love them so much and since the glitter is not intended to cover but to dot they are not bad to remove.
My Mom was the very best! Funny (That is me in the pillow case or as I called it sack of potatoes)
The biggest heart ever, willing to help anyone anytime, friend or stranger she never questioned but was always the first to help and never expected anything it's just how she was.
Nubar has a great formula and is one of the few creme formulas that I really love.
This is how I will always remember my a big kid! I was far too serious and she would not have it so she would force me to smile or laugh. (Seriously my sisters hair omg, even for the 80's that was just wow)
The Jellybeans are perfectly named because I want to nom my nails....I must get jellybeans!
Mom and Me...she attacked me and was holding me hostage for the eviiiiiil taking of pictures!
(My cousin was hiding behind me holding my arms and Grandma was fast with the camera)
Have you gotten the Jellybeans or the Polk a dots? Which are you loving?
My Mom, the silliest beauty queen ever, passed at the very young age of 48 (I was 21) of a sudden Heart attack. Her crappy doctors ignored the symptoms she called with the day before, ear/jaw pain, dizziness, nausea,  muscle pain and weakness, headache, and vomiting, She had very high blood pressure uncontrolled even with 3 medications. Ladies know our symptoms, most women do not know that women's symptoms are usually not the typical symptoms that men have. and if you have high blood pressure and it is not being controlled find a new doctor or insist on seeing a specialist because you ARE worth it and if you don't take care of you who will? Smooches!

Happy 65th Birthday Mom!

Products in this post were provided by the company/PR for review

Orly Pinup collection - Bubbly Bombshell

Orly calls Bubbly Bombshell a purple glitter
To me it's more fuschia and so gorgeous!
This is 4 coats (remember glitters require either layering over an opaque or multi layers)
I used 2 coats of seche Vite because glitters are bumpy & I have issues!
I added a cute little water decal skully that Kim (Overall beauty) sent me
If you look you can tell that this is actually 2 colors, a purple and a lighter pink which to me makes it look fuschia.
As much as I hate glitter removal (I can't use the foil method) this color is irresistible!
Try to tell me that this isn't hotness!
The formula is normal for a glitter so go slow when applying because clean up on glitter is not gonna happen
I love this color and if you are a glitter lover you will stare and drool over your nails all day!

*Product in this post was sent by the company/pr for my honest review

Nightmare, dream and a guest post

I am sorry that I've not been around much...I'm am trying to reorganize my world.
I hope very soon to be back to steadily posting 3-4 times a week.
I did a little guest post over at Overallbeauty's blog

Kim got in and is now carrying these sweet little skully nail decals and being
the sweetheart that she is, she thought of me when they came in and sent me a set because she knows that like her I am a skully freak! (Thanks Kim you rock)
I did a simple mani with them over BB Couture Nightmare and I love it a ton!
Nightmare is a deep vampy jelly red with red micro shimmer
You can see the rest of the pictures here
And I believe they will be on as well

Thank you for not throwing rocks at me for abandoning you all!


First a disclaimer....My hands and cuticles look like poo!
It has gotten very cold and dry here and my work has me washing my hands constantly as well as wearing surgical gloves all day and I ran out of my Indulgence cuticle creme and my supplies were delayed so I apologize for my craptastic looking hands. I've been using lots of hand cream but my skin prefers the non chemical filled richness. So hopefully in a few days I'll be back to human skin. Try not to look directly at the yuck skin!

I did this manicure to celebrate a dear friend finally leaving a very nasty relationship.
Remember love...You are Unchained and the key is yours alone!
I used Revlon Temptress as my base
Then added the little heart decals
I then stamped randomly using the BM12 image plate and CND Silver Chrome
I did the "broken" chains by rolling the stamp half way across to the heart and stopping
I kind of like this look.

Wicked Frenchie

I have never worn  a pink and white french manicure...
never found them very appealing. I have been known to wear plenty of "Funky French" manicures.
The idea for this one hit me like Harpy poo on a newly washed car. :o)
So I had no would not leave my head until I did it.
Products used:
Orly Rock Candy (Base)
OPI Catch me in your net (tips)
Aqua pearls from the pearl wheel from Born Pretty store
Skullerflies and skully decals a gift from my beloved Astraea
Seche Vite to hold it all
This came out just as it looked in my head...kind of scary that something from inside my head escaped
This shows the beautiful aqua shift in Rock Candy
This might be worthy of a tutorial
I almost hate to take this off!

My New Years Eve Mani

I used one of the Sally Hansen Salon effects strips in Misbehaved on my ring finger
The rest is a beautiful franken my friend Flinty over at Polish or Perish shared with me last year called 917 over one coat of BYS Matte Royal Blue
If you click to enlarge the pictures you can see that 917 not only has holo glitters but it also has flakies
Salon Effects are really easy to apply though I had a hard time fitting. They are all either way too wide or the two small ones that it comes with are a bit too narrow. :o(
The fantabulous Sweet and Vicious bracelet was a gift from Astraea
She knows me so well! ( Hugs and kisses to Astraea)
I really like this manicure....Flinty I need a bigger bottle of 917! :o)

A very skully holiday!

I got a surprize package from Astraea the other day, which I've been too busy to take pictures of.
She sent me a bunch of skull bottle nail polish's and the rest of the coffin polish as well as decals and yummy candles and oh how she spoiles me so!
( Thank you my dearest Robin, my sweet little Faerie)

I decided I wanted to do a winter mani and one of the skull polishes is a beautiful deep blue which reminded me of the winter night sky. What is more beautiful than snowfall at midnight?! So that is the concept behind this very perfectly me mani!
*giggle* It's a very skully holiday around here!
I did 2 coats of Blue Skull then stamped the snowflakes using Konad special polish in white from the BM14 plate. Then I added my cute little skullies (because that's how I roll) and then a heavy layer of Nubar Pixie dust on top to emulate falling snow.
This is a my style winter mani
I love how it turned out and people kept asking and trying to figure out why there where skullies in my snow.
If you click to make this picture big you can really see the "snow" glitter.
You really didn't expect a "normal" winter mani from me, Did You!
hmmmm....maybe bats for christmas?

Inque finger nail skinz beta test

I'm sure you saw my post on the cute Inque nail skinz pedicure
Which by the way still looks perfect!
Inque sent me my custome finger nail designs!
I designed these myself as I did with my other set, I just love getting to decide exactly what I want.
The nails are still in the Beta stage but I think they will have them nailed (pun intended) very soon.

I love how my designs turned out, the colors are so bright and they look exactly like I wanted.
The fit is not so great but that is what is being worked on. See my nails have a major ark and are very curved accross as well, so a birds eye  view doesn't really gauge the actual size of my claws.
So the fit is not great but I made them work well enough to take pictures so you can get an idea of how awesome they will be when the sizing is fixed.
Guitars oh and my little vinyl tribute
Aren't they cute
I'm excited about these! I like the idea that I can get ones for my daughters that will fit.
Oh and for me oh yes. I need the more custom fit for my narrow nailbeds. Those premade ones I always have to cut down and they never fit right. So these are going to be ideal. Also I kind of want a few sets of just my ring finger or pinky to use as accents.
The pedi ones are already set to fly and I reccomend them even more now.
I have been wearing the same set and they still look perfect and no signs of them lifting anytime soon. I'm going to keep them on until they do start lifting or they need to be removed due to growth.

**Product in this post was sent by the company for review

Orly Plum Noir for the Hot Guy

The Hot Guy (aka my husband, aka Chris, aka MINE) wanted to pick a manicure for me.
And well he's hot and that is sweet and so I let him pick.
He loves vampies so he chose Orly Plum Noir a beautiful deep plum creme.
He also wanted some bling so I pulled out my bling wheels and being a classy guy he picked the Svworski crystals (from ) and I made them me with my skully decals from Astraea.
That one little pink heart and crossbones did not want to lay proper no matter what.
This is 2 coats of pure vampy creme perfection!
I normally have issues with the little jewels but these laid very nicely and stayed amazingly well and they sparkled so great in the light.
I love these little skullies...they are so cute!

Perfect rainbow and poison kisses

I cheered myself up with a beautiful holo
Perfection rainbow, a pretty from Jacie.
and made it mine with some lovely nail decals that I had custom made.
Sadly it was cloudy and rainy today so I couldn't get a decent picture of the amazing holo

I love the decals though. Skulls and kisses

I scratched the ring finger decal so it's a one eyed skull
These are waterslide decals and the only thing I don't love is that you have to wear them on light colored polish or they aren't really visible.

I'm sampling different manufactures for custom decals so let me know what you think.

Sparitual Illume

This is my first Sparitual.
Illume is from the Kaleidoscope collection
This is 3 coats in lightbox lighting

Application was very nice, a bit thin but not runny.
As you can see the bottles are rather large which took a bit of adjusting for my small hands.
The cap is fabulous and the brush is thin (not wimpy though) and it fans perfectly.

My ring finger thinks she is a princess and demanded fancy decoration.
I love the deep royal purple it's very chic and nearly vampy.
I have more to try as well as some lovely Spa products.

Have you tried Sparitual? Any recs for more pretties?

**Products in this post were provided by the company/PR for my review

New hair and matchy nails!

I decided it was time for a change!
I've worn my hair all natural except for the underneath of the back, which has been Hot pink forever.
I decided to go with turquoise and purple.
I multi tone bleached the sections of choice in the front and bleached and removed my pink from the back.
I did the underneath back in Manic Panic Ultra Violet.
Then foiled in Ultra violet and NRage Twisted Teal.
I then sat with my lovely foil head for 3 hours, rinsed, shampoo, condition and let my crazy curls dry naturally.
I was hoping for better light. My hair is so dark that it kind of eats the color up if there is not good lighting

If you look you can see what the multi tone bleaching does as far as making the color different depths of each color.
I might add more next time since my curls hide a lot of the color
Terrible eye shots. Thank you sun for playing stupid today!
I'm wearing Valkyries as hilight, Moirae on lid and Nixies in crease and outer v.
Urban Decay 24/7 liner and my beloved Wet n Wild volume plump mascara
Kisses because I love you!
It is weird that Urban decay Voodoo is almost my natural lip color?
I added a tiny dab of Banshee gloss to add depth
You make me smile!
Weird lighting...part of my hair looks red/brown and part not cool
Matchy nails
China Glaze Towel boy toy and un named purple Love Bites
I love these nail art decals!

So for one rare occasion I am all matchy!