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Whine, cry,Had to shorten my nails a bit! :*(

The dry winter air has taken it's toll on my nails.
I had a nasty split waaay back in the nail bed yesterday so to take some of the stress off I shortened my nails and put a silk wrap on. Now to see how long it takes to grow this boo boo out. Luckily it didn't bleed so i think I'm safe as far as risk of infection, but I'm babying it for now. Go figure it's my middle finger...over use I suppose. LOL :P I am looking for a new hydrating base coat if anyone has any tips? I've used Sally Hansen Nail Quencher and it's not helping and I cannot find Barielle Hydrating ridge filler around here.

New manicure to cheer me up:
Rimmel Pulsating (I love polishes with dirty names they make me giggle)
I did 2 coats of Pulsating, 1 Coat Seche Vite and a pretty konad using Sally girl poser and Konad image plates m13 and m1.

What is more cheerful than a lovely magenta with a hot blue flash??
Roses and Spiders that's what!

I sent my spiders to attack Chris' jammies!

And his skull shirt bit me!
This one shows the blue flash perfectly!