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Hey Look she posted

*Waves at the hotties*

I realized yesterday that today February 28 would have been my Moms 65 Birthday.
What better excuse to get my butt back to the blogging that I love?

So I did a special manicure for my mommy
From Nubar's Jellybeans collection I used Strawberry, With Cherry on my middle finger with White Polk a Dot from the Polk a Dot collection and some of my favorite nail decals from a billion different sets.

This is my Mom...isn't she pretty!
Strawberry is a sweet pink that you can wear as a jelly or build it to opaque. Cherry is a super squishy almost jelly cherry red, I love it insanely! And the Polk a dots.....Oh do not get me started I love them so much and since the glitter is not intended to cover but to dot they are not bad to remove.
My Mom was the very best! Funny (That is me in the pillow case or as I called it sack of potatoes)
The biggest heart ever, willing to help anyone anytime, friend or stranger she never questioned but was always the first to help and never expected anything it's just how she was.
Nubar has a great formula and is one of the few creme formulas that I really love.
This is how I will always remember my a big kid! I was far too serious and she would not have it so she would force me to smile or laugh. (Seriously my sisters hair omg, even for the 80's that was just wow)
The Jellybeans are perfectly named because I want to nom my nails....I must get jellybeans!
Mom and Me...she attacked me and was holding me hostage for the eviiiiiil taking of pictures!
(My cousin was hiding behind me holding my arms and Grandma was fast with the camera)
Have you gotten the Jellybeans or the Polk a dots? Which are you loving?
My Mom, the silliest beauty queen ever, passed at the very young age of 48 (I was 21) of a sudden Heart attack. Her crappy doctors ignored the symptoms she called with the day before, ear/jaw pain, dizziness, nausea,  muscle pain and weakness, headache, and vomiting, She had very high blood pressure uncontrolled even with 3 medications. Ladies know our symptoms, most women do not know that women's symptoms are usually not the typical symptoms that men have. and if you have high blood pressure and it is not being controlled find a new doctor or insist on seeing a specialist because you ARE worth it and if you don't take care of you who will? Smooches!

Happy 65th Birthday Mom!

Products in this post were provided by the company/PR for review

A Perfect Birthday manicure

For my birthday I wanted a special manicure so...
What better polish to celebrate 38 with than Fu@% off and Dye?! 
Hot pink shimmery matte perfection

I kept my ring finger shiny because my sparkly heart looked odd matte
This is 2 coats of FoaD (ManGlaze's usual fabulous formula)
and if you must add shiny to coat this beautiful teal shimmer emerges (drool)
Gorgeous any way you wear it!
If you want to F-ck off and Dye you can grab one at ManGlaze, don't wimp out and get the pc version although the name "Blue" is awesome.

**Products in this post were sent to me as a Birthday gift by my sweety Marc so piss off bureaucratic buzzards!

I am no Caged Gypsy!

I had time to sit down and do my makeup before taking my 10 year old daughter to get her hair cut.
This is a pretty typical look for me...bright, sparkly and lots of purple.
I did not have time to flat iron my hair....oops
See my fab Bat earrings

This is Caged Gypsy, I'm working on a matte lipstick formula...not there yet but getting closer
(Pardon my old lady lips)

I'm calling this a "Suede" since to some Matte cannot have shimmer and Caged Gypsy is a metallic matte so she has lots of depth and is a very interesting Pink with warm coral undertones but still somewhat cool toned rose shade.

And then I changed lippies to my beloved Hardcore lips Lost Kiss
I love this type of color with the perfect pink and the blue/violet shift
taken in natural light/shade
In way too bright sunlight

Crazy angle to show the aqua sparkles

Pink and purple combo's are my go to eye look

And then I discovered "Noise reduction" on Windows live photo viewer....yeah it makes a strange foggy affect but I left it on this one for fun.
Products used: (all Evil Shades unless stated otherwise)

Matte Silk (T-Zone and under eyes)
Blush in Pink Noise- A deep rose with pink glow (Not up on the site yet because I need better pictures)
I wear very little on my face but in summer even less

Spectrum pot in Visible Violet  on lid and blended up above crease
Evileyes primer in Naked below brow bone
Gift River all over lid and blended up to just above the crease
Nixies in outer 2/3 of crease to deepen
Phyrra's Fantasy in inner 1/3 of crease and just into nixies and blended into Gift River above crease
White Witch from brow blended down
Voodoo wetlined on upper lash line
Tokidoki perfeto liner in Mostro on lower lash line (waterproof my arse I smudged it accidental after 30 minutes on my lower lash line so I had to smudge the other eye to match and an hour later it had totally disappeared)
Sephora Action Extreme Effect Mascara in black (Not as Extreme as I'd hoped but not bad, a little flaky)


First few pics Caged Gypsy (Suede/matte) Unreleased

Second set: Hardcore lips in Lost Kiss

So there you have it, my typical look and my go to colors.
(Side note I wore this look out in 98 degree heat for 6 hours then swimming and not a crease, yay)

Holo franken nails & my bestest Fangirl

I was playing around with frankens the other day and as much as I liked
the base colors they still needed something......glitter? No Holographic glitter, YES!
And wouldn't you know not a bit of sunshine! *sigh*
Oh wait...they match my hair! :o)
The pink shows off her holo a bit more than the teal. (Teal is a little shy)
I will wear them again when we have sunshine so you can see the pretty holo yummies

Then my day turned to exploding tears of joy...
A mysterious package showed up? I am on a mega no buy so I did not order anything, odd.
Open mystery box and a beautiful eruption of colored paper confetti and hidden in the rainbow....
What is that you say? It is the much coveted glass file sword!
I have drooled and ogled this beautiful little thing on (my favorite glass file site)
but I have a serious issue with splurging on things for myself especially if technically I do NEED a new file.
What? Who? *Reads enclosed note* This is followed by ear to ear grin and tears of joy...
My beloved #1 Fangirl Lynn sent this fantabulously thoughtful gift.
Thank you so much, you really made my day!
Now, Em Guard!
(Pop quiz, who knew that I do Sword fight? Now who knows my preferred sword style?)
I knight thee Lord Skully polish
My reenactment of the Swordfile and the nail polish stone
Then the Hot Guy made me sheath the beast. ( I think he has swordfile envy)
Fangirls rock!

Hello from Kitty

My beautiful Swedish Sister from another Mother Feline sent me a goody package....
(I know you read her blog & if not you are missing out huge, see it here )
(Silver Kitty & Kitty Princess)
Feline feeds my poor little girl who could buy Hello Kitty goodies and so now as an Adult must have ALL Sanrio pretties!
I went a little FUNky on this one because it was for my middle daughters birthday and well she's ummmm...rather blingtastic. lol
I did 2 coats of Kitty Princess, 2 coats of Silver Kitty on my ring finger then tipped them in the opposite.
I used a mini straw dipped in silver kitty for the "rings" and the tip of the brush to dot my ring finger.
Kitty Princess is so sweet, it is a perfect baby pink creme with heavy metallic silver flecks
My little Rane loved it and I ended up doing her toes to match my nails

Stay tuned for a ton more Hello Kitty polish and some gorgeous Swedish polish too!
Giant hugs and smooches to my beautiful Feline, you spoil me so!

China Glaze Metallic Crackle Glaze Skittles

I thought crackle skittles would be fun on my new mini nails
The China Glaze Metallic Crackles are such fun colors
Right to left, top to bottom: Latticed Lilac, Haute Metal (My favorite), Cracked medallion, Platinum Pieces and Tarnished gold
Tarnished gold up close
I did this a little thicker to get wider cracks
These give a lighter application so you can do a subtle crackle finish or apply thicker for serious crackle
I really like these, they are more versatile than most crackles since they are sheer if you apply lightly.
I did Haute Metal over a baby pink on my youngest and it gave a nice subtle crackle...of coarse she then picked at it until I couldn't get a picture. (She's 3 so not the best model choice)

Overall, Application is very nice, dry time is excellent and formula is awesome.
The crackle trend is being beaten to death but if you haven't tried any I think the metallics are my top pick!

*Products in this post were provided by the company/pr for my honest review

Flaked out Neon franken

I got a sudden urge the other day for a Neon pink jelly with flakies so....
This is in lightbox lighting which killed the neon a bit
Pardon my horribly dry paws....someone has been busy and forgets to lotion the parched puppies
I think I love this color...might make some different colored neon flakies....hmmm
The flakies show even more in real life and they look like they are suspended in a sea of pink neon jelly
This is the most accurate as far as the neon pink goes but it doesn't show the flakies well
What do you think I should name her? Should I make more like her in different neon colors?