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Best Nail Treatment - Review and swatches

I was contacted a while back by Lynn, the lovely owner of  BNT
about trying her line of nail products and after my drooling and wavering due to the beautiful selection of nail colors I finally picked a couple and I have been testing these in a serious way!
You can check out the shades here
Left to right: Air Cure system Base coat, Grape Crush, French Twist and Air Cure System fast dry Top Coat
Now I am going to let you in on a tiny bit of info that prompted my need for thorough testing...
Lynn worked for the original Poshe company and was a part of the creation of the beloved Poshe top coat that so many love. Unfortunately the company was sold to a competitor (which I'd bet is why Poshe TC formula changed) Lynn opened Best Nail Treatments using her own formulas. So BNT is a Woman owned company that has an environment conscience. Read more about them here. I personally am impressed and love the mission statement.
(Day 1)
This is 2 coats of Grape Crush with one coat of French twist on the tips of index and ring fingers and over entire nail on middle and pinky, because I can do it like that! :o)
(Day 3)
Grape Crush is a beautiful neon fuchsia purple jelly...but it's so well pigmented that there is (as you can see) no visible nail line with 2 coats. How wonderful is that!
(Day 5)
French twist is along the lines of the cnd effects in that it is a sheer pink sparkling shimmer intended for layering.
I did notice that (at least for me) this applied much more evenly and stronger than my cnd's
(Day 5)
Super Macro shows the gorgeous sparkle of French Twist and the opacity yet jelly squish of Grape Crush

Now the full review-

Base coat- Dries very fast slightly sticky finish (for adhesion), application was very nice, not runny or goopy.

Colors- Very nice formula, the brush is the normal round fan brush, spreads well, very even coverage, great pigmentation, smooth and very easy to work with.

Top Coat- This was the big test with me as I have 2 bottles of the old (original good) Poshe top coat and 1 bottle of the sucktastick newer formula and one of what Poshe said was their return to the old formula. Personally the 2 later formulas, to me, are about the same. I do not like them, they don't dry fast at all!
So I tested the BNT Top coat against the original Poshe top coat. Application is about the same, both apply smoothly and evenly, the brushes are identical for all I can tell. Now here is I was surprised and rather pleased the BNT Top Coat was dry...I mean I can go wash my hair, fold laundry dry in 5 minutes flat....I tested this 6 times on different brands of polish! Original Poshe was dry to the touch in about 6 minutes but not "solid" dry for another 7-10 minutes which is still fast but not as fast. So this prompted me to test it against my forever beloved Seche Vite.....needless to say Seche it's been a lovely many years but I'm leaving you for a new love! I have broken up with Seche and Best Nail Treatments is my new HG fast dry top coat!
I kid you not!

Now the last part I'm not sure which to credit but the above manicure, note the "day" notes below each picture...see anything unusual? 5 days of perfect no budge wear, not a chip, no tip perfect on day 5 as on day 1! I washed dishes, mixed colors, filled orders, labeled, packed orders, cleaned house, showered, did laundry, went swimming 4 times, took 3 bubble baths, worked out and chased 3 kids.
Color me impressed, very impressed! I'm not sure if it's due to the adhesion of the base coat, the quality of the colored polish or the strength of the top coat or all of the above, but whatever the magic is....I need more!

I have another color from Best that I will show you later but it is so pretty, you will love it too!

*Products in this post were provided by the company/pr for my review

All opinions are my own, based on my experience and personal knowledge.

Color Club Wicked Sweet - Temptress

I did a bright fun manicure with Raspberry Rush (Wicked Sweet collection)
and Ultra - Astral (Temptress collection)
This is 3 coats of Raspberry Rush and 2 coats of Ultra- Astral on my ring finger with one coat of Starry Temptress.
Raspberry Rush is a gorgeous almost jelly neon fuchsia
Ultra Astral is Neon fuchsia with holo glitter that unfortunately disappears into the polish on the nail, which is why I used Starry Temptress top coat which is a great clear holo top coat.
I love how this turned out

I am hoping the rest of the Temptress work better.
Raspberry Rush smell yummy but not overpowering.

*products in this post were sent by the company/pr for my honest review

Orly Pinup collection - Bubbly Bombshell

Orly calls Bubbly Bombshell a purple glitter
To me it's more fuschia and so gorgeous!
This is 4 coats (remember glitters require either layering over an opaque or multi layers)
I used 2 coats of seche Vite because glitters are bumpy & I have issues!
I added a cute little water decal skully that Kim (Overall beauty) sent me
If you look you can tell that this is actually 2 colors, a purple and a lighter pink which to me makes it look fuschia.
As much as I hate glitter removal (I can't use the foil method) this color is irresistible!
Try to tell me that this isn't hotness!
The formula is normal for a glitter so go slow when applying because clean up on glitter is not gonna happen
I love this color and if you are a glitter lover you will stare and drool over your nails all day!

*Product in this post was sent by the company/pr for my honest review

OPI Texas Collection- Houston we have a Purple

Houston we have a Purple is more of a raspberry jelly than actually purple but it's gorgeous no matter!
Notice that this one is more opaque than most jellies
It still required 3 coats, as do most jellies in my opinion
I love that this has the squishy jelly texture but almost no VNL
Houston is a bit more pigmented but the formula is not too thick and not runny so it applies very smooth
If you only get one from the jellies out of this collection....this is the one you need!
I actually wore this for 3 days (totally unheard of for me to wear anything more than 24 hours)
It made me feel like my nails were dipped in hard candy or stained glass!
Shiny, gorgeous and sweet!

**Product in this post was sent to me by the company/PR for my honest review

NOX Twilight swatches

I will admit that I have not read nor seen any Twighlights.
Not because I'm unwilling but I just haven't had time.

This is a review I've been meaning to post for a while but everytime I went to crop and watermark
my pictures I found myself wandering into an idea for a fabulous manicure to use these with. So I got distracted and now have finally got myself inline to do this. I will try not to stop and drool too often.

I was quite excited at the oportunity to review this
line as it is truly right up my Vampy alley!

Red Velvet is a bright blue based bright red jelly.
Look at the bottle....could you just stare at it all day!
Droooooooolllllllll! Oh sorry, back to it then.


This is 3 coats of Red Velvet no top coat

Why yes I took eleventy billion pictures of this because I am in lust!

OK moving on.

Black Tie is a very dark black creme.
I'm not sure if everyone is as particular about black as I am or not but..well I'm a bit obsessive.
A lot of Black polish is a brown, gray or purple base or a mix of two of these. Black Tie is a blue based black which gives it a much deeper pitch black color.

This is 2 thin, smooth coats no top coat.

Sugar Plum is a Faerie of a different color! This one is a juicy fuschia with bright purple iridecent shimmer.
This picture in in natural light, shade.

I did not size this one down so click to make huge and stare at the shimmer!
It's a larger shimmer particle than most but not glitter and completely smooth.

This one is a little sheer at 2 coats but I think a 3rd would take it to opaque.

Disco Darling is a holo glitter in clear base. It's actually denser than I expected.
This is over Sugar Plum except on my ring finger which is 2 coats Disco Darling alone.

I was surprised to really like this one.

My Thoughts:
I love the bottles, the shape, the crest and all. The brush is nice.
The formula is a good workable consistancy, dries well and is very shiny on it's own.
The price is better than I had expected ay $6.99 each so I will be ordering more.
The only down side is that I hope they will come out with more colors soon.
You can find these as well as the rest of the Twilight beauty line here.

Have you tried any of the Twilight beauty products?
Any reccomendations?

You know you want to be Between The Sheets

Deborah Lippmann Between the Sheets
A beautiful Bright nearly neon Fuschia that leans a bit purple and refuses to photograph properly.
I love the story behind this polish. It was inspired by a pair of fabulous sexy heels that Deborah bought and knew that she would never wear them outside the bedroom. How many of us own shoes like that? I own a couple pair of those fabulous sexy too high heels.

This was taken in direct sunlight and is the most inacurate as far as color.
Two coats of amazingly smooth application. No top coat except the one that I stamped.
This and the rest of the pictures are in my lightbox

On my ring finger I made a sad attempt at a corset. It just seemed right.

I used Barielle Belly Dance as the base and Between the sheets for the "corset" with konad image plate m7 and Wet n wild black.
I love this color, the formula, application and the bottle!

*products in this post were supplied for my consideration by the company or their PR
All opinions are my own honest views and in no manner swayed by the reciept of product

Color Club Ultra Violet......You want it, trust me!

Let me just say that I personally think that Electro Candy is the best Neon collection EVER!
I own them all and back ups!

Ultra Violet is well not really violet it's more of a purplish fuschia with blue shimmer
You have to click on these pictures and make them huge...

How amazing is that shimmer

My poor camera tries but neons just freak it out and never show as bright as they are

I think I took 100 pictures trying to get a couple color accurate
It didn't work

I want my hair this color

I think I could pull it off

The whole collection is like this, Neon with contrasting shimmer.
I don't often reccomend an entire collection but this is an exception. All of the colors are gorgeous.

Whine, cry,Had to shorten my nails a bit! :*(

The dry winter air has taken it's toll on my nails.
I had a nasty split waaay back in the nail bed yesterday so to take some of the stress off I shortened my nails and put a silk wrap on. Now to see how long it takes to grow this boo boo out. Luckily it didn't bleed so i think I'm safe as far as risk of infection, but I'm babying it for now. Go figure it's my middle finger...over use I suppose. LOL :P I am looking for a new hydrating base coat if anyone has any tips? I've used Sally Hansen Nail Quencher and it's not helping and I cannot find Barielle Hydrating ridge filler around here.

New manicure to cheer me up:
Rimmel Pulsating (I love polishes with dirty names they make me giggle)
I did 2 coats of Pulsating, 1 Coat Seche Vite and a pretty konad using Sally girl poser and Konad image plates m13 and m1.

What is more cheerful than a lovely magenta with a hot blue flash??
Roses and Spiders that's what!

I sent my spiders to attack Chris' jammies!

And his skull shirt bit me!
This one shows the blue flash perfectly!