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Zoya Sunshine & Summertime - Faye made this one just for me didn't you?
Faye is a beautiful gilded purple with metallic sparks of copper and gold that shifts like crazy
This is 3 coats of nom
The formula is slightly thin but very easy to work with and very forgiving
Faye is a moody girl and she might be leaning toward a multiple personality, judging by her constantly
switching from soft and girly mauvey with copper shimmer to her bold purple base with exploding golden sparkle and then to a brownish shade with purple glint and gold and copper metal sparks.
This is a must have me you need it!

**products in this post were provided by the company/pr for my honest review

Nubar The Finest Silks collection swatches part 2

The second half of the Finest Silks collection
Pekin - a rich dark red
Moire- a light reddish brown
Organza - an intense pearl white
Chiffon - a muted brown

Pekin in natural light shade

In Sunlight
Pekin is a nice vampy red almost a jelly but not quite.
2 coats to opaque

Moire in natural light shade

Moire in sunlight
On me this is not so much a reddish brown as a nude.
2 coats to opaque

Organza in natural light shade

Organza in sunlight
This one is very sheer and frosty.
This is 3 coats

Chiffon in natural light shade

Chiffon in sunlight
A very nice greyed brown
2 coats to opaque, very pigmented.

I think this collection is perfect for work, conservative enviornments. I think it will change from office to night very nicely and is woth while for anyone who needs versatility.

Milani Bare in Mind & Teddy-Bare

I will admit these are not my usual kind of colors but they are quite lovely.
I might actually be falling for Bare in Mind.....really!

Let's start with Bare in Mind a peachy nude with  beautiful pink shimmer
In natural light, shade

In full sunlight

Now for Teddy-Bare
In natural light, shade

In full sunlight

Both have a nice formula with 2 coat coverage.
Not my favorite brushes, a bit too skinny but they fan well.
I am a Milani fan and they rarely if ever dissapoint.

**Products in this post were sent to me for review by the company/PR

My Snakeskin is an Untamed Luxury! Color Club Untamed Luxury collection

Today I have 2 more from the Color Club Untamed Luxury the Covered in Diamonds set.

Untamed Luxury is an teal glitter in a teal jelly base.
This is 2 coats in shade

Normally I would use this as a layering polish but I wanted you to see the color as it is.
In full sunlight it looks like the glitter is more blue/green than teal.
Application was as good as it gets with glitter. Even, smooth and not hard to control.
It stained my nails slightly but not as much as I thought it would.

Ssssssssnakeskin....I just like saying it like that!
A beautiful dark greyed brown base with gold and copper shimmer that gives it a snakeskinish effect.
This is 2 coats in shade

In full sun this looks totally different (I love that) It's more dark grey with copper shimmer and scattered gold sparkle. This is a very unique color and I was so surprised to like it, but I really love it.
Application was smooth and per the usual for Color Club.

What do you think of these two beauties?
Love them? hate them? want to roll around in them?

**Products in this post were provided by the company/PR for my review

Color Club Untamed Luxury Every Shades of Indulgence

These are beautiful fall shades with a fabulous formula!
Each is 2 coats with no top coat. Smooth application and very nice pigment.
Beautiful platinum white with silvery white shimmer
Wild Orchid is more of a grey with orchid shimmer but a favorite none the less
Positively Posh is a shade of the popular rich fall brown
Soft as Cashemere is the ever popular grey/beige
Nothing but Truffle is a deep brown with plum shimmer
Jewel of a Girl is a plum shimmer

Ready to Royal is a vampy wine

Color Club Rebel Debutante Preview & swatches Part I

Rebel Debutante is a 9 color collection with 3 coordinating lip gloss' from Color Club.

The collection as described by Color Club:
"Rebellious shades that go from classic to trendy"
"It's a new spin on classic color! It's made for the girl who likes the finer things."
I have the first 4 more neutral shades today for you.

Who are you wearing?

This color is difficult to describe, it is certainly not white or even off white. It's slightly taupe but not truly. My best description whould be a smokey taupe/white creme.
I am not a neutral kind of girl but surprisingly I like this. It's such an unusual shade that I find it much more interesting than typical neutrals. It was slightly sheer so this is 4 coats. Application is smooth and quite the normal high quality that I'm used to from Color Club.

High Society

A lovely light taupe creme. This does not lean to far warm or cool so I believe it would suit most skin tones easily. Application was very smooth with just 2 coats to a nice even opaque.

Beast Dressed List

A slightly brown tinted beige. This leans a little more warm as you can tell by how red my fingers look.
Very smooth even application despite my hurried application. Opaque in two coats.

Charity Ball

Terracotta very simply put. This looks aweful on me and is not a color I would choose for myself.
It's an orange based terracotta. Smooth application, actually this was the smoothest and most opaque of these 4. Nearly opaque on the first coat but not enough for my satisfaction.

In general my opinion is that these first four shades of the collection are great neutral/safe colors.
So if you are looking for work safe colors or some neutrals that are a little more trendy these are perfect.

The products reviewed were sent to me by the company for review.
The opinions are my honest opinions and are in no manner swayed by the reciept of samples.

Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco

I met with Ange-Marie to play and she brought my prize from her Giveaway
at Scandalously Polished , Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco! YAY
My very first Diamond Cosmetics polish!
I applied 2 coats of Cherry Tobacco and 1 coat of Seche Vite.

It's a rich blackend Tobacco brown with mega red shimmer.

Application was fabulous. smooth and opaque in 2 coats.

Normally Browns look aweful on me but I like this.
It reminds me of the Sweet tobacco Grandfather WarEagle used to used in cerimonies when I was younger.
I can almost smell it!

What do you think of my lightbox? It's so ugly but it's much better than the no sunshine, freezing my bum off pictures that would be available for the next few months.