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Singing Waters speak of Victorian Nights

I thought I would quickly show you the makeup I did for my Bday out with hubby.
I had to do it quickly so it's a bit messy and I completely forgot to put on my Matte Silk so I ended up a shiny mess but we had fun anyway.
This horrid picture was snapped before I did my hair or changed out of my PJ's
but you can see the colors nicely
I used my Birthday color ninihkihsini aohkíí (translated: singing waters) on the outer 1/3 and blended up and into the crease with Victorian Night on the inner 2/3 and blended up and out into the crease. I used a little Nightshades blended just above the crease and foiled on upper lash line with
ninihkihsini aohkíí (singing waters) foiled and lined just above Nightshade on the inner part of upper lash line.
(I made a highlight to try out, not sure if I like it yet)
I so wish that the complexity of the colors showed in pictures, both are so much more gorgeous than pictures show
ninihkihsini aohkíí (singing waters) foiled on lower lash line and smudge in toward tear duct

Ravishing blush because it's one of my favorites
I wore Primerose Path lipstick with Morna gloss over it
Now fast forward 9 hours...
(I changed my lippie to Corruption with Lost Kiss over, but it had worn off mostly)
9 hours and no crease, another score for Spectrum pots (I used Visible Violet)
It was hot & I sweated off most of my Meow cosmetics foundation because I forgot to put on finishing powder. Duh!
Deep set eyes are a pain
You can see the color placement a bit better here
I love these colors together!
And then a couple of Artsy-fartsy pictures because I can
See my HK necklace...She says Arrrrrgghh!

Products used:
Meow Cosmetics Purfect puss foundation (special blend of Naughty Korat & Naughty Chartreux)
E/S Ravising blush

(all evil Shades)
Spectrum pot in Visible violet from lash to just above crease
Evileye primer in naked from brow to just above crease
ninihkihsini aohkíí (singing waters)- A complex teal with purple and pink sparkle
Victorian night- Gorgeous violet with reflecks you have to see in real life
Nightshade (foiled) as liner
Joey Healy Brow powder in tobacco
Milani volume lash

Lips: as stated with pictures

This is the last week for me to finish up the new site so I may not have time to post this week but I will try.
Thank you all for being so fabulous!

Pink & Silver FOTD

This look turned out so beautiful, I got compliments all day.
Yet my camera washed the colors out and barely shows a hint of sparkle in the silver.

I'll share anyway, because I promised!
See my fancy b-cocky Cocktail extensions!
I will be reviewing them soon!
I promise it's silver! There is no purple at all!
This is closer to color accurate
Yay! You can see the silver

Not your Barbie is my <3

(Sorry the pics were taken 6ish hours after application due to family stuffs. I did have to freshen up my lips)
Products Used:

Meow Cosmetics Purfet puss foundation in Naughty Korat & Naughty Chartreux
(Lightly dusted on with mini kabuki brush)
Evil Shades Blush in Gossamer (Baby pink with blue shift)

Evil Shades Evileyes primer in opal on lids and Naked to brow
Evil shades Soveriegn on lids up to crease and tear ducts and lower lashline
(Soveriegn- metallic silver)
Evil Shades un named pink coming soon outer v blended up to brow (medium pink)
Evil Shades Bane to deepen crease (pink with violet/blue shift)
Too Faced Starry Eyed liner in Super Freak on upper lashline
Tarte MultiplEYE Extend 3 Mascara in black (I hate it...flaky mess)

Evil Shades Hardcore lips in Not your Barbie
Evil Shades Soveriegn lightly finger dabbed in center of lower lip

I'm serious...this is grown all the way in. They are just sad!