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Singing Waters speak of Victorian Nights

I thought I would quickly show you the makeup I did for my Bday out with hubby.
I had to do it quickly so it's a bit messy and I completely forgot to put on my Matte Silk so I ended up a shiny mess but we had fun anyway.
This horrid picture was snapped before I did my hair or changed out of my PJ's
but you can see the colors nicely
I used my Birthday color ninihkihsini aohkíí (translated: singing waters) on the outer 1/3 and blended up and into the crease with Victorian Night on the inner 2/3 and blended up and out into the crease. I used a little Nightshades blended just above the crease and foiled on upper lash line with
ninihkihsini aohkíí (singing waters) foiled and lined just above Nightshade on the inner part of upper lash line.
(I made a highlight to try out, not sure if I like it yet)
I so wish that the complexity of the colors showed in pictures, both are so much more gorgeous than pictures show
ninihkihsini aohkíí (singing waters) foiled on lower lash line and smudge in toward tear duct

Ravishing blush because it's one of my favorites
I wore Primerose Path lipstick with Morna gloss over it
Now fast forward 9 hours...
(I changed my lippie to Corruption with Lost Kiss over, but it had worn off mostly)
9 hours and no crease, another score for Spectrum pots (I used Visible Violet)
It was hot & I sweated off most of my Meow cosmetics foundation because I forgot to put on finishing powder. Duh!
Deep set eyes are a pain
You can see the color placement a bit better here
I love these colors together!
And then a couple of Artsy-fartsy pictures because I can
See my HK necklace...She says Arrrrrgghh!

Products used:
Meow Cosmetics Purfect puss foundation (special blend of Naughty Korat & Naughty Chartreux)
E/S Ravising blush

(all evil Shades)
Spectrum pot in Visible violet from lash to just above crease
Evileye primer in naked from brow to just above crease
ninihkihsini aohkíí (singing waters)- A complex teal with purple and pink sparkle
Victorian night- Gorgeous violet with reflecks you have to see in real life
Nightshade (foiled) as liner
Joey Healy Brow powder in tobacco
Milani volume lash

Lips: as stated with pictures

This is the last week for me to finish up the new site so I may not have time to post this week but I will try.
Thank you all for being so fabulous!


  1. Your HK neclace made my day! =D

  2. You are GORGEOUS.

  3. Pretty pretty! And I looovveee the necklace!  :)

  4. 9 hours in the heat and no creasing?? That is definitely a win for the Spectrum Pot. I know what you mean about deep set eyes, mine are fairly deep set, too. At least when we look down or close our eyes, we can surprise people with our eye makeup... they don't expect two or three more colors, then boom! There it is.

  5. Your eye makeup is amazing & beautiful.  Love the look.  Your artsy fartsy photos are gorgeous.  Love ya!

  6. Looks just super awesome!

  7. This make up is awesome!!
    I love the colors!!

  8. Sylvia Gonzalez-MillerJuly 25, 2011 at 7:48 AM

    Oh my gosh, you are so dang adorable! Love the colors, so beautiful!!!

  9. I loved everything! ^__^

  10. you look great! I especially love the purpleliner. :)

  11. cute! i hope you had a good bday!

  12. I love it!
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  13. i love those colors on you sooo pretty :D and omg that necklace 0.0 

  14. Very pretty and I love your hair!

  15. Beautiful look, I love how it matches your hair! Sining Waters is just gorgeous and I love the name!

  16. It's Nightshade foiled. I rarely use actual liner anymore. lol

  17. Thank you! I'm a walking rainbow most days!

  18. I'm in love with my spectrum pots!
    Deep set eyes are a pain but I guess if I had normal eyes, I'd likely blind people with color! lol

  19. That is because we look like sisters! hehe

  20. um...if this is you doing messy makeup any chance you want to clone yourself and send your copy to London to do my makeup!? It's SO pretty!!! Swooooooooon!!!


  21. Your hair is ADORABLE. I just found your blog and read your last two entries, and I absolutely adore your hair. :}


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