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Best Nail Treatment - Review and swatches

I was contacted a while back by Lynn, the lovely owner of  BNT
about trying her line of nail products and after my drooling and wavering due to the beautiful selection of nail colors I finally picked a couple and I have been testing these in a serious way!
You can check out the shades here
Left to right: Air Cure system Base coat, Grape Crush, French Twist and Air Cure System fast dry Top Coat
Now I am going to let you in on a tiny bit of info that prompted my need for thorough testing...
Lynn worked for the original Poshe company and was a part of the creation of the beloved Poshe top coat that so many love. Unfortunately the company was sold to a competitor (which I'd bet is why Poshe TC formula changed) Lynn opened Best Nail Treatments using her own formulas. So BNT is a Woman owned company that has an environment conscience. Read more about them here. I personally am impressed and love the mission statement.
(Day 1)
This is 2 coats of Grape Crush with one coat of French twist on the tips of index and ring fingers and over entire nail on middle and pinky, because I can do it like that! :o)
(Day 3)
Grape Crush is a beautiful neon fuchsia purple jelly...but it's so well pigmented that there is (as you can see) no visible nail line with 2 coats. How wonderful is that!
(Day 5)
French twist is along the lines of the cnd effects in that it is a sheer pink sparkling shimmer intended for layering.
I did notice that (at least for me) this applied much more evenly and stronger than my cnd's
(Day 5)
Super Macro shows the gorgeous sparkle of French Twist and the opacity yet jelly squish of Grape Crush

Now the full review-

Base coat- Dries very fast slightly sticky finish (for adhesion), application was very nice, not runny or goopy.

Colors- Very nice formula, the brush is the normal round fan brush, spreads well, very even coverage, great pigmentation, smooth and very easy to work with.

Top Coat- This was the big test with me as I have 2 bottles of the old (original good) Poshe top coat and 1 bottle of the sucktastick newer formula and one of what Poshe said was their return to the old formula. Personally the 2 later formulas, to me, are about the same. I do not like them, they don't dry fast at all!
So I tested the BNT Top coat against the original Poshe top coat. Application is about the same, both apply smoothly and evenly, the brushes are identical for all I can tell. Now here is I was surprised and rather pleased the BNT Top Coat was dry...I mean I can go wash my hair, fold laundry dry in 5 minutes flat....I tested this 6 times on different brands of polish! Original Poshe was dry to the touch in about 6 minutes but not "solid" dry for another 7-10 minutes which is still fast but not as fast. So this prompted me to test it against my forever beloved Seche Vite.....needless to say Seche it's been a lovely many years but I'm leaving you for a new love! I have broken up with Seche and Best Nail Treatments is my new HG fast dry top coat!
I kid you not!

Now the last part I'm not sure which to credit but the above manicure, note the "day" notes below each picture...see anything unusual? 5 days of perfect no budge wear, not a chip, no tip perfect on day 5 as on day 1! I washed dishes, mixed colors, filled orders, labeled, packed orders, cleaned house, showered, did laundry, went swimming 4 times, took 3 bubble baths, worked out and chased 3 kids.
Color me impressed, very impressed! I'm not sure if it's due to the adhesion of the base coat, the quality of the colored polish or the strength of the top coat or all of the above, but whatever the magic is....I need more!

I have another color from Best that I will show you later but it is so pretty, you will love it too!

*Products in this post were provided by the company/pr for my review

All opinions are my own, based on my experience and personal knowledge.


  1. That color is so fantastic. I love how you "mix it up" on your nails, too. Usually all my nails have the same colors & layers... you switch it up! I need to do that more often. :-)

  2. Gorgeous colors.  Glad to know that the topcoat works better than the original Poshe.  Love the accent nail.

  3. I have adhd, my nails, hair and makeup tend to reflect my inability to stick with one steady color or style. lol  I get bored most of the time with any one color so I just do whatever appeals to me at the should she all the fails I've done. :o)

  4. Wow. Grape Crush is just stunning and I think I need that top coat. 


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