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IsaDora Hotness in Hunter Green

This is another beauty from my sweetheart Féline
It is a Swedish brand and I am in love
Beautiful blackened hunter green jelly
I had to add Nfu-oh #40 because it just made me think Féline
IsaDora is my new mistress....she is a hot little thing
The formula is wonderful, smooth and pigmented (for a jelly)
I wore this for 4 days....seriously I did!
Stop licking the monitor!
I will be wearing this again and again and again
Oh and it wear fabulously, I finally chipped a tiny spot on my right middle finger on day 4 so for me that is serious wear!
Thank you Féline You have fantabulously wicked taste!
Blackfoot (siksika) word of the day- saissksiimoko : Deep green like the forest (Yeah I know it's more than one word but that's how the language works, our words tell a story so we need fewer words)


  1. OOOH. *drools* I'd rather have THAT than Nars Zulu. Stunning!

  2. Stop watching me lick the monitor. :p

    That polish is gorgeous. *feels the need*

  3. i love this! this is so pretty! you can check my blog too sweetie :)
    im your new follower :)

  4. great color, but combo with nfu-oh is to die for *.*

  5. Aren't they great? Formula and pigmentation of IsaDoras are fucking A! But on me, they chip rather fast. :/ Glad you liked it honey! <3

  6. super gorgeoussss

  7. Wow, that is so beautiful. Your nails are always so perfect... as I look at my chipped black polish and nails that need to be tended to... *tear*

  8. Beautiful! The flakies make it even more beautiful.

  9. How did you know I was licking the screen? LOL
    This is total hotness!! :D

  10. Bought my first IsaDora 2 weeks ago and I just LOVE the formula. Big fan right here :) Yours is very beautiful and I love the idea of putting Nfu-oh #40 on top... I should really get my hands on that one.

  11. OMG I have been looking for a super dark green nail polish, I REALLY love this colour!

  12. Wow, and I really like adding the flakes just at the tip..HOTNESS!!!

  13. Oh wow !! This looks quite magical !

  14. oooooh isadora... i'm drooling all around... and the brush... let's talk about that fabulous brush... drooling again... XD


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