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Happy Birthday Daddy! (a little late)

This post was intended for Wednesday July 27
unfortunately I was in ed dying with an evil stomach virus so I'm a little late.

July 27 would have been my Daddy's 70th Birthday
we lost him 7 years ago but I know he's still with me (likely cussing me quite often) and watching his
Grand Monkeys grow.
This was my Daddy & Mom
How freaking adorable are they
Many years later this happened
(Daddy & I)
Yes I was a cranky little beast even then, though I think I was just upset over the hideous lime green dress and not even a matching air bow!
(A plate my Daddy made during one of his 31 years as an Artist for Hallmark)

My Daddy was many things: An artist (by profession & passion), a musician (self taught & amazing), a comedian (involuntarily), an asshole (intentional & involuntary), a student of life and the world, a 4th degree Blackbelt in Karate & Jujitsu, a creator of words (I inherited this curse), a singer & song writer (terrible at both but he enjoyed himself), a weirdo and my Daddy.
We often disagreed, argued and rarely saw eye to eye. To us we seamed to be polar opposites and just never go on to terribly well, I was the opposite of a "Daddy's girl". But as I grew up I learned to appreciate him for the pain in the ass hat he was and to forgive him for his parental mistakes. He taught me a lot more than I realised (when I was young). He taught me to love music and to live and breath it. He taught me that "Art" does not have to be hung in a gallery or displayed in a museum to be art, it is anything that moves your soul to tears and back to a smile. He taught me to be open minded and never to let anyone close it. He taught me to laugh...loud, often and at everything! He taught me that intelligence is not found in a book or a school but in those who share the information that they hold...with anyone who will accept it. He taught me that color is beautiful and the world can never get enough of it. He taught me that race, religion, sexual orientation and the like only divide those who are too ignorant and fearful to open their hearts and see that in the dark people ALL look exactly the same. He taught me to question everything and never accept fact without absolute proof. He taught me how to be well mannered, polite and respectful. (I am capable of all 3 when I want to). He taught me that Weird is fabulous. He taught me to be myself, no matter what and to NEVER let anyone convince me that my me needed to fit into some little beige mass-produced societal box. And most importantly he taught me that I am the strongest, most stubborn woman that he ever knew and that I can do ANYTHING if I want to.

My Daddy with his first Grand-baby (my oldest daughter)
He adored her like she was spun from his own heartstrings!

My Daddy's of his trademarks.
I cannot picture my Dad at any point in my life not having his waist length braid or his perfectly curled handlebar mustache. Did he know that both were far from in style, outdated and the object of many a snicker? He might have but I doubt that he cared because he was "Wild Bill" and that was his, him and he was cool no matter what anyone else might think. This was a man with "style", his own off beat style but style none the less and he wore it well....from his hundreds of brightly colored silk Hawaiian style shirts, his Hiratchi sandals, his wide lapel suits, short ties, neon blue velcro Nike tennis shoes, his hundreds of crazy patterned overpriced sweaters right down to his "never leaves my finger" sterling silver and turquoise pinkie ring! He was 5' 4" of unique awesomeness!
This was my Daddy at 63 years awesome!
Happy Birthday Daddy...thanks for giving me your great hair genes and the Weird but proud gene!
I Love You!
Your little, Zodge, Zodgeroonski, Andrazaillia!


  1. Thank you for sharing with us :) Happy late birthday to an amazing guy!

  2. What a beautiful post. Reading through it made me tear up a little bit, to be honest! He sounds like an amazing man who was well-loved by his friends & family and loved you all back just as much. :'-)

  3. Thank you!
    He was a pretty amazing person and I'm proud to be his Zodge! :o)

  4. Aww I got a little teary eyed there.  :) Happy birthday to your Daddy! :D

  5. Your Dad sounded like a fascinating person.  Handsome & intelligent.  A wonderful tribute.  I know he's in heaven watching over you and his family.  It's such a shame that we don't appreciate what we have till their gone.  I didn't fight with my Father but I just  wasn't as close to him as my Mother.  I wished I'd listened more to him.  He was such a smart & handsome man.  So many things I want to know now but it's way too late.  He died in 1981 when he was 69.  He wanted me to go travel & see the world.  He always said don't wait till your retired & old.  I didn't listen and choose to spend my money on things I don't even have anymore.  He was all for me to go to England to see the Beatles when I was 13.  My Mother said no way in hell.  I don't know where they would've gotten the money.  They could barely make ends meet.  God bless your Dad.  He raised a daughter he could be proud of.

  6. He sounds like he was a great guy <3

  7. Awwwe, daddy! <3 Mine's a 5' 6" wonder of love and security. He's 73 now, and I cherish every day we have together.

  8. My Dad wanted me to be Happy no matter what that took, that is what he wanted. I'm doing my best to do just that! :o)

  9. He sounds awesome, that Hallmark plate is amazing and I love the first picture :)

  10. What a lovely tale about your father. <3

  11. Your dad rocks! :) :) this tribute really touched me...

  12. What a wonderful birthday post for your Daddy!
    I have to admit that I'm a bit misty-eyed right now. Your Dad was probably the complete opposite of my Dad (6'4", cop, military), and I was a total Daddy's girl. Doesn't matter the characteristics of the Dad, as long as he was a decent man who loved you. My Dad has been gone for 9 years now (really? 9 years? I don't even know how that's possible, I can still remember when I got that phone call), he was only 56. Your story made me happy for you to have such an awesome Daddy, and made me miss mine too. *Squishes*
    Oh, and I think you look like your Mom! What a sweet photo. And I totally dig your Dad's braid, lol.
    Your Daddy would be proud, he raised an awesome lady ;-)

  13. i've lost my dady at the age of five and half... now i'm 35 and something.. and there's no day i don't think of him.. at least every morning when i see his face as i look on the mirror.. i 'm a complete dupe of my father...


  14. I'm a little late commenting but just wanted to let you know how much you post moved me. I was bawling by the end of it. I love my daddy fiercely and it hurts me that I I don't live closer to him.I know one day I'll regret on all the times I missed out on by living so far away. Ugh, now I'm crying again!


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