All the Beautiful people

Tropical Watercolor eyes

It's been so hot & humid lately that I decided to do a tropical-ish look.
But then my hubby's doc said that my eyes looked like a beautiful watercolor painting ergo the title
There aren't many full face pictures because after this one the Hot Guy had to take the pictures,
(My arthritis has been a demon lately) and his pictures had more boobies and butt than makeup so I will just have to break out my tripod next time.
Oh look, my eyebrow almost looks like normal peoples
The inner color is more peach than it showed on camera
I swear no matter what each eye turns out different
You can see the greens really well and I'm loving Ravishing blush with the greens
I just did a very thin line of Faerie Garden to line the liner might have looked better
Look no creasing! These were taken at 6pm and I applied at 8am so yay
This is what most of the Hot Guys pictures looked like (I cropped out the extreme boobage)

(As per usual all Evil shades unless otherwise stated)

Evileyes primer (yes I use it as a face primer)
Matte Silk on T zone
Ravishing blush

Photonic green spectrum pot on outer 2/3 of lid and up just above crease
Vitrum(white) spectrum pot on inner 1/3 of lid and blended up and into the green
MAC vanilla on brow bone
*This is where it gets crazy*
The peachy orange is un-named and will be up on the site tonight
The yellow green is a mix of Faerie garden and Twinkle Twinkle that I mixed as I applied
The tealish green is Mystisizm blended into the crease & outer v
upper lid lined with Faerie Garden
Lower lash lined with Imp foiled (new one will be up tonight) and then
I smudged a bit of the Faerie Garden Twinkle mix just below
Sephora volume mascara
Joey Healy brow kit (I love this so much)

Clear wicked gloss

My hair is an utter wreck...I ran out of time so I ruffled my spikes a bit and clipped the front back. lol
My cupcake earrings were on clearance at Clarie's $1.00 YAY

If I missed anything just yell at me later! *Smooches*


  1. Sylvia Gonzalez-MillerJuly 14, 2011 at 3:28 PM

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this EOTD!!! So pretty!

  2. So pretty :D Makes me think of summer and samba! :D Actually it gets my thought on the movie Rio :D

  3. You look stunning!

  4. The colors are gorgeous!!
    I love this look!!

  5. That looks fantastic with your hair - like some sort of exotic bird's feathers.

  6. This is like my favourite FOTD ever, never seen something like that before, it's incredibly beautiful!

  7. Wow! This is sooo COOL!
    The colors are very refreshing in the eyes. (^__^)

  8. Beautiful colors you've used.  Remind me of a parrots feathers.

  9. The hair, the eyes..all of it is AWESOME!  I love it!

  10. Watercolor or maybe popsicle? My daughter' favorite popsicle are those colors. I guess what I meant to say is that you look edible ;)

  11. Thank you! I should have put in my peacock clip! :o)

  12. Maybe that's my affinity for teal.....all my years of bird rescue & raising parrots. :o)

  13. Hubby's doctor loved it too, funny when a very staunch Psychiatrist always loves the bright colors I wear. She's Indian so I think she should wear them too!

  14. AWESOME! I love the bright colours, this is such unique look!

  15. argh. if only i could do this. so cool. cool that it stayed on so long. I think that's why I gave up on eye shadow because I'm always rubbing my eyes throughout the day.rubbing off makeup 

  16. Dude, I LOVE how you winged out Mystisizm in the outer crease/V :D


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