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Birthday goodies!

I don't do haul posts but I had such a lovely day that I'm making an exception!
Hubby and I drove to the nearest "real" Mall (about an hour away) to do a little Birthday shopping.
(People refuse to buy me actual gifts because, well I like strange things)
My In Laws bought me a very nice industrial cabinet unit thingy for my work goodies since our space is very limited and I'm so particular about my work space. They also gave me cash! :o) I'm not posting pics of these.

So on to the goodies....
Awesome Metal (more on those in a minute)
Hiccup's poor stuffed kitty shirt (yes I'm wrong in many ways), Iron Maiden (You can never have too many), and Amon Amarth (I needed it, really).
Shirts....I am a T-shirt whore, badly and I will wear them until they fall to bits and then they become part of our in progress Band Quilt.
MUSIC!!!!! Left to right:  Nile- Legacy of the Catacombs / Enslaved- Axioma Ethica Odini / In Solitude- The World, The Flesh, The Devil / Ghost- Opus Eponymous *Not Pictured are the 2 Rancid Vinyls and a beautiful original DOA vinyl*
(We picked these up at our favorite record shop)
Absynth Living dead Doll (Hubby surprised me with her this morning)
Bubble Bath that smells like frosted cake- Cute mini mascaras- Tokidoki black liner and my Pirate Hello Kitty Necklace!

How adorable is she, right down to her combat boots and faerie wings!
(I love you Hot Guy, you know me all too well)

We had a very nice day! Hubby only had 2 small panic attacks, which is fantastic for him.
We were attacked by met 3 of my lovely Fangirls wile we were out. The people at Sephora seamed very confused by the squealing, picture taking and adorable excitement of Jess and Krystal. I'm sure they are still trying to figure out what it was all about. lol Then we met the very sweet Zoey as we wandered about.
It was very nice to meet you all and somebody better send me some of the pictures! :o)

I had a very nice Birthday! Thank you everyone for all of the Birthday wishes, tweets, cards, ecards, (Marc for the "Fuck off and die"), everyone made it a very special day! *Smooches*
I am officially 38 years hot and loving it!


  1. Yay! You had a wonderful day! ;) Awesome stuffs! I have that doll I lover. I have her and Pixi, trying to get Tenebre I must have her! Have you seen her? She's Awesome!

  2. Ahh, sweet Andrea! So sorry I missed your birthday, I'm glad it was a good one. *Hugs* and *Smooches* to a truly awesome gal!

  3. awesome birthday haul!

    shel xx

  4. Felice Compleanno, sorry, in late...

    you recived-bought amazing things...

  5. Happy B-Day!!! :***

  6. Happy birthday! I love the living dead dolls. Someone gave me one a few years ago and its been on display ever sense!

  7. Happy belated Birthday my Darling!!!! Your so sweet, crazy and a hot 38.  I can understand why you like to pick out your own gifts.  Love that Living Dead doll!

  8. Happy Birthday! I'm very happy to know your day was nicely spent ^__^ and you loved all your gifts.... and your Hot Guy didn't suffer that much so, all in all, it was indeed a nice nice day for you! I am glad! :D

  9. Aww, happy birthday! I envy your Living Dead Doll. I used to collect them, starting with the original series. Lost them all in a house fire, sadly, and never picked it up again. This doll is making me rethink that decision.

    I'm superhappy you had a great day! *squishes*

  10. Happy Birthday to a super amazing beautiful lady!  I hope you had an excellent day ♥

    Sorry I'm late!

  11. Happy birthday! You have fantastic taste in music!


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