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Orly Pinup collection - Bubbly Bombshell

Orly calls Bubbly Bombshell a purple glitter
To me it's more fuschia and so gorgeous!
This is 4 coats (remember glitters require either layering over an opaque or multi layers)
I used 2 coats of seche Vite because glitters are bumpy & I have issues!
I added a cute little water decal skully that Kim (Overall beauty) sent me
If you look you can tell that this is actually 2 colors, a purple and a lighter pink which to me makes it look fuschia.
As much as I hate glitter removal (I can't use the foil method) this color is irresistible!
Try to tell me that this isn't hotness!
The formula is normal for a glitter so go slow when applying because clean up on glitter is not gonna happen
I love this color and if you are a glitter lover you will stare and drool over your nails all day!

*Product in this post was sent by the company/pr for my honest review


  1. Love the glitter, the colour and that little skully <3

  2. Great color, it looks gorgeous!

  3. Stompy Boot- I think Kim got the decals on ebay!

    TheArtIsMakeup- It almost matches your hair! :o)

    TheNailAddict- Thank you love!

    PolishSis- Nothing makes a girl happier than shiny things! lol Love your new avi lips are secsay!

  4. Awesomely awesome! Mani and skully! V

  5. This is definitely hotness! I want this beauty. Looks amazing on you and love the skull decal.

  6. Yum yum YUM I love that shade! I had a feeling I was going to need this, and I do. That decal is wicked cute too!

  7. Great color, it looks gorgeous!


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