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Bare Escentuals Beautifully Bronzed Deluxe Two-Piece Collection on QVC

Thursday April 21 you can grab this up on QVC
I'm loving the brush

Now being the kind of girl who looks out the window and get's 2 shades darker,
(Thanks Mom for those crazy Blackfoot sun absorbing genetics)
I don't use sunless tanners, but being the Mom of 2 very fair skinned little ones and watching my husband having to have "suspisious" spots that turn out to be pre cancerous...I am all for anything that will reduce skin cancer! So skip the tanning bed and put on your sunscreen and use a sunless tanner instead!
*Cough* Talking to all you 20 somthing ladies who think it will never catch up to you! *Cough*

NEW Bare Escentuals Beautifully Bronzed Deluxe Two-Piece Collection
Approximately $46.50

What is it? Say "Aloha" to a healthy, natural-looking tan all year round with the Beautifully Bronzed Collection. Within a few hours of application, skin will glow flawlessly golden and last for five to seven days. Plus, the faux tan contains moisturizing aloe vera and won’t clog pores or irritate sensitive skin. The revolutionary new Deluxe Tan Brush will allow for quick, easy and clean application of Faux Tan.

Why is it different? The Deluxe Faux Tan offers 16-ounces of gorgeous, natural, never-orange tan in a bottle. It can be used all over the body and never looks fake or streaky.

The Deluxe Tan Brush buffs on a streak-free tan without getting any product on hands, it has a unique flared handle designed to be held multiple ways. The brush boasts a super soft, super-sized luxuriously dense brush head for a uniform glow.

How to use?
1. Before applying Faux Tan Sunless Tanner, prep skin first. While showering, exfoliate skin carefully to provide the smoothest surface to glide sunless tanner over.

2. Using the Deluxe Tan Brush, apply Faux Tan Sunless Tanner to dry skin. Use quick strokes to buff all over the body using a cross hatch or circular motion, being sure to smooth away any edges.

3. Because the color is visible during application, don’t worry about any embarrassing goofs like rings around the ankles, elbows and knees. Just be sure to buff more lightly over these crease-prone areas.

Final Tip: Make sure to rinse the brush after each use. This will keep the brush in the best shape for future faux-tanning.

Now go enjoy the beautiful weather....safely!


  1. I'm the poster child for Staying Out of the Sun--(a) it's not healthy, and (b) I can burn walking across the grocery store parking lot. No, really--I wear an SPF 50 or higher every day, even in the winter.

    But my sister is of the generation that seems to think tanning is a status statement, and she's all ready broken out her self tanners. Unfortunately, they totally turn her orange and a little patchy. I'll have to tell her about this--sounds way more practical than her orange foams!

  2. Having watched them demo this on QVC last year and now seeing this I wish I could get a hold of this for the summer.

  3. I think you have reviewed products very well specially the mask which you have tried with heavy tea tree oil content sounds very good...and good that you got the idea of trying it like a makeup

  4. I like this brush. I don't bother with faux tanning. I appreciate the review.

  5. I like this brush. I don't bother with faux tanning. I appreciate the review.


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