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Not the regularly scheduled post

I had a post with beautiful nail polish set for today, BUT...
I read something that upset me quite a lot. So if you want a great nail post check back tomorrow and you'll find a very one. This is a non pictorial post, sorry, Oh and likely to be loooong.
Now onto the actual post for the 3 people still reading :o)

The other day I read a ummm..."review" on my business (Evil Shades cosmetics)
It was more of an attack on both my personal character and my company than any sort of a review.
Now I can take constructive criticisms (I believe I have shown that) and
I have no issue with admitting my mistakes along with heartfelt apologize. This was not constructive nor was it in the least bit fair. It was a bashing that I am unsure why this person felt the need to throw out there, it was undeserved and in my opinion full of half truths, BS and irresponsible blogging. (That is my opinion as a blogger not a business person) I was/am upset at this situation and how it could hurt my companies reputation.

My initial reaction was to post my side and so I gathered screen shots, emails,
postal receipts, photo's, facts and lots of proof...then I sat in my silence and decided that...

1- I do not need to defend myself against half truths. Those who choose to believe that person are choosing to miss out on fabulous things based on an opinion of a person that they don't even truly know. I'm OK with not having those kind of people wear my products.

2- My energy is more valuable than to waist it on melodrama and bitching.

3- Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I am above all things, Honest....often to a fault and that is just who I am & I'm not going to change me nor defend who I am.

4- I can't please everyone and some people just can't be pleased. I do my best and if that isn't good enough for some there is nothing more to do but accept and move on.

So all of the time I wasted gathering info has been put in a secure folder for me to remind myself of a mistake I almost made....just incase I need to stop myself again.

Now I am going to share some history and info on Evil Shades and me
as I feel that this is a far more productive way to spend my time and energy and it's something I am asked about often.

Evil Shades officially became a business in August/September 2009.
Prior to that it was a much loved hobby and an occasional day dream of taking it to the next level.
I did not start up a mineral makeup company....I started making things for myself that either I could not find and wanted or that I felt the price or quality of what I did find...well sucked! I started giving extras to friends and family and then I would put some up on ebay. I didn't even know about Etsy or "Indie" makeup as embarrassing as that is. I had no experience with mineral makeup. I was a big box brand kind of girl because that was all I knew about. I was in this for fun.

Later when I did decide to make Evil Shades a "real" business:
I had just lost my job a couple of months prior and the job market in this area (that I had just moved to) had crashed. There were no jobs unless you had a local connection to get you in the door. I would go to a brand newly listed job opening and there would literally be 100 or more applicants already there. Most of the time there would be a sign on the door saying "position filled". Then my wonderful husband asked me why I didn't just try to make a go with my makeup. I gave him a million reasons why the fact that we had about $250 to our name and 3 small children or that we were (and are) fighting to get his disability. So I honestly thought he had lost his mind. But he said the magic words "what is there to lose when we already have nothing"! Well damn, how do you argue with that? So I grabbed my crappy laptop and started researching.
My hubby told my inlaws that  I wanted a website for my birthday, which was a week or two away. Reluctantly they bought my gift.

Now the fun begins! I have no tech knowledge, no clue how to set up a website let
alone a store! I still knew little of nothing about the "Indie" world. i had been doing research all along on FDA guidelines, safety and the actual how to properly formulate. I had never even purchased Indie cosmetics so everything was a learning process. I managed to  muttle through setting up a very basic site. I can't recall exact numbers but I had around 10-15 eyeshadows and about 8-10 gloss colors. I also had more fear than you can imagine. But I opened my wee little company with a lot of hope.

I know it sounds crazy to me know too!
Most Indie companies start with loans, a spouse working to support or is done part time until it grows enough for them to create full time. Those were all luxuries I did not have. I was a full time Mom, full time caregiver to my hubby and full time trying to get ES off the ground all while trying to continue to learn the ins and outs of Indie cosmetics. I researched, answered email, filled orders and all in every semi quiet moment i could get. I learned a lot, I'm still learning and likely that will never end.

That first year was hard and scary and I nearly gave up so many times!
I knew how very tiny ES was compared to the other Indie companies and how much more the other people knew long before starting. I was a microbe in a huge ocean, but I was determined to do this and to do it right but without sacrificing being what I wanted it to be from the beginning.

ES has been very slow in growing, not for lack of effort but because
I can't sink every penny made right back into it like is the normal way to start a small business. I have to pick and choose very carefully what and when changes can be made. I consider every decision very carefully and I've made the wrong decision a lot, but I've learned from each one. I take every piece of constructive criticism, mistake and issue into consideration when I do make changes. I am still the one woman show. From stocking supplies, ordering, creating, mixing, formulating, packaging, labeling, web mastering (still not my strong suit), accounting, shipping, customer service, photographer, Mommy, nurse, wife, housekeeper, cook, blogger and friend...I'm it! Just call me Mistress Multitask! lol

So as I see year 2 coming to an end...
My packaging might not be the fanciest (though I think it's fab), I don't have 257 shades to choose from, it might take me a bit longer to process orders than some others, my website is still pretty basic (better but basic), and I still make mistakes (never intentional and always admittedly with sincerest apologies) but I love what I do! I'm very proud of how far Evil Shades has come and I appreciate everyone who has supported me along the way!

The future of Evil Shades?
It's colorful! I'm not going to stop doing what I love or loving what I do!
ES will continue grow as much as I can invest and manage. I will continue to take every suggestion in to the picture of improvements. I will continue to learn. I will still make mistakes....I'm human, and I'll learn from each one. There will occasionally be an asshat, that couldn't do what I do anywhere near as well as I do it all, that will get to me. There will also be wonderful customers, bloggers/youtubers  and friends that encourage me, offer great advice/ideas and remind me that at the end of the day we've made one hell of an awesome company! Yes I said "We"...I couldn't have done it without you & it surely wouldn't be nearly as fun!

Thank you all and know that you are the very best of the best!

I'm happy to answer any questions but drama will be deleted and blocked
 so sorry no anonymous comments. I just don't have time for that kind of childishness.