All the Beautiful people

Feeling better today!

Thank You all for your hugs and well wishes!

I did manage to polish my nails last night. I had a mini bottle of Black Cherry Chutney but it looked just blackened berry so I figured it was a bad bottle. My sweet friend Jess sent me a grown up bottle and guess what it's friggin' gorgeous!

This is what it looks like in low lighting

and a little sunshine

More sunshine


I love OPI Black Cherry Chutney

Look at those sparklies!
I'm thinking Konad!


  1. This is your kind of color! I love this color too, but I have yet to buy it.

  2. Wow!! It's the second time that i see this nail polish today. I think it's a sign! i need to buy one for me!

  3. gildedangel- Well you must get it!

    Phyrra- hehe it reminds me of your hair, a bit darker but still!

    Camila- The Nail polish goddesses are calling upon you to get this color. :)

    Jess- Thank You! You so know my style!

  4. Ahhh! You're killing me with all these beautiful dark manis!!!

  5. I'm glad you were feeling well enough to venture out for a photo op with those gorgeous vampy nails! That's good news! :) Black Cherry Chutney is one of my favorite deep, dark shades. Stunning!

  6. I'm so glad your feeling better sweetie! Your nails look magnificent!!! I have this on my list to buy. I've never seen it swatched before. This is going on my next order. Looks exactly like the color of bing cherries. I adore them so I might nibble my own nails. More hugs & kisses for you to keep you well!

  7. You're the Goddess of nails! You amaze me every time. x


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