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Blog Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have more than I realized so tonight I am posting the polish's and I will try to post the makeup and pictures tomorrow. You can find nearly all of these on nail gal if you are not familiar with a color.

I am not opposed to barganing/Hagling either, nothing is set in stone!
Please email me if you are interested in anything I can only take Paypal as payment.

I will only hold an item for 24 hours and then it will go to the next person. Anything with a line through it is gone.

Shipping on nail polishes is $2.00 for the first bottle and .50 for each after for US

If you are out side the US please email me and I will check on shipping cost.

All polishes have been swatched unless otherwise stated with an N for new or M for 1-2 Mani's

Polishes listed in this section are $1.00

Elle D Elle #434 gold  N
Elle D Elle #431 Shimmer pink N
Elle D Elle #436 Hot pink crème N
Elle D Elle #227 Nude pink crème N
Elle D Elle # 207 Red creme N
Stripe rite striping polish silver glitter N
Stripe rite striping polish Hot pink N
Stripe rite striping polish Neon yellow N
Nat Robbins Golden copper M
Oil of Olay Shimmering Sable
Cranky Girlz Red brown
Cranky Girlz Shimmer pink
Cranky Girlz Nude
Icing Cinnabar M
Savvy Totally teal N

Goldie- red w copper shimmer $2 M
Princessa Dream blue $2 N
Princessa Sparkle pink $2  N
Princessa Mystic red $2  N
Revlon Dark Pleasures Talk dirty $2
Zoya Ashley $3.50
Zoya Suvi $3.50
Zoya Kotori $3.50 Gone
Zoya Ki $3.50 M
Nina Pro Royal Purple $2.00

The polishes in this Section are $3.00

Milani Spellbinding N
Milani Charmed  N
Milani Magical  N
Milani Whimsical  N
Milani Fairy Tale  N
Milani Enchantment  N
Finger paintsBrilliant Brushstroke
Finger paints Get Real-ism!
Maybelline I pink of you
Naturistics Too Mush Room Frost  M
China glaze Innocence
Orly Crawfords wine
Orly Garnet Truth  M
Orly Close your eyes
Orly Berry blast
Orly Merlot mist
OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees

The following Are all Dc’d /LE and or HTF’s

CND Blue Blood $8 M
Essie Reggae $4 M
Street Wear Midas $4
Street Wear Nothing $3
Finger paints Black Gumdrop $7 N
Finger paints Maroon Macaroon $5 N
Finger paints Ripe peach $5 N
Finger paints Strawberry Shake $4 N
Sinful Blah-Blah $5  M
Orly (old) Pink Mystic $2  M
Orly Teeny Bikini $4  N
Orly Prim& Proper $4  N
MAC Aura $4
MAC Abstract $4
OPI Los Angeles Latte $4  M
OPI Russian to a party $4  M
OPI Nutcracker Sweet glitter top coat $6  N
OPI Smok’n Havana $5  M
OPI Plymouth Lox $5  M
OPI Red Hot holiday $6  M

All have been swatched unless marked N (new) Shipping is $2 for the first item .50 cents for each after.
Eye liner pencils Are $1.50 unless otherwise stated

NYX double sided Black/baby pink
NYX double sided Black/white
NYX double sided Black/copper
Milani Black magic double ended Blackened blue/ Blue Magic $3
Palladio Silver sparkle (I have 2) $2.50 each
Palladio Black Sparkle N
Jordana Bashful blue $1
Jane Agua Eyestix
Urban Decay 24/7 mini 1999 $4
Urban Decay 24/7 mini Electric $4

Liquid liner

Palladio glitter liner Bordeaux (pink) N $3
Sugar kiss North star silver glitter $1
Palladio liquid liner Bronze N $2
NYX Copper $3
NYX White $3
NYX Salmon $3
NYX baby green $3
NYX Baby blue $3
NYX Gold $3
Stila Smudge pot Pomegranate (no dent swatched 1x) $7

E.L.F. studio Mini makeup collection (Exactly the same as the current pink one but in a black case) New in box. It's so cute I just can't bring myself to use it. $7 Shipping on this is $3 because of the size.


  1. You are selling the milani glitters?
    Oh I am lemming those so bad!

    Are you willing yo ship overseas?

  2. please tell me noones taken streetwear midas!?!?

  3. Kirsten- I ended up with two full sets of them so I'm selling one set. And I emailed you.

    Angie-Marie- SW Midas is still up for grabs!

  4. grr if only you would've posted this a few days later haha, payday is friday! i hope some will still be available then :)

  5. Payment is on it's way, can't wait till I have these babies in my grubby little hands!
    I have no idea how long it takes for the payment to show up on your account though.

    Thank you so much!

  6. Kelliegonzo- I'm sorry, I'm sure there will still be pretties left. :)

    Kirsten- I already marked them off the list they are yours and I'll email you when I ship!


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