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Kreativ Blogger Award....for me?

Jess at Jesserka's blog awarded me with this sweet award!
So the rules are I have to tell 7 things about me and tag 7 bloggers.

  1. My oldest Daughter, Kyrstin, is getting married to her sweet BF of 3 years next Thursday! Unlike most Mother in laws I adore my soon to be Son in law "Fuzzy". (his name is Alex but within a week of meeting him I deemed him Fuzzy, though he really isn't, and as with most of my insane knicknames it stuck.

  2.  Country music causes me physical pain. Seriously, I don't just dislike it, it actually makes my inner ears hurt like a stabbing pain that intensifies the longer I'm exposed.

  3. I like being chubby. I've been skinny and I was miserable, insecure and uncomfortable in my own skin. I actually think I look my best at about a size 14, which being 5' 2" ish is fairly big and usually puts me weighing about 160 lbs. But that is the size I feel pretty at. Strange but true.

  4. I hate excersize in any form that makes me sweat. lol  If I could figure out a way to workout without sweating I would be a very happy girl.

  5. I still hold the record at my High School for the Leg Press. he he at 5' tall and 98lbs I was pressing 326lbs. and I can still crush a can with my thighs. Bizzare yes...funny totaly!

  6. I am terrified of flying. I don't care what the statistics are, until I sprout wings I will always hate to fly.

  7. I love to cook but I can only cook huge amounts. Like if I make dinner there is enough food for everyone I know to come over and eat. I can't help it, even when I try to scale down and cook for two or whatever, there is always a ton of food left over. I think it's a metal problem. :)

Now I am tagging:

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    1. You totally deserve this award! :) Congrats to your daughter. I wish them a happy, happy marriage! And what you're talking about country music? Johnny Cash makes your ears hurt? But he's awesome!

    2. I like reading these award posts. <3
      Have a wonderful day tomorrow!
      Have you picked your 'mother of the bride' make-up and mani yet?

    3. Nihrida- Umm Johnny Cash does not count as country, first he is a lover of heavy metal and second he does not use the high pitched whiney twang in his music that hurts my ears and he has that awesome deep voice!

      Kirsten- unfortunatly I won't be able to attend my Daughter's wedding. She lives in Texas (about 1000 miles away) and with all of my other little ones there is just no way for me to get there. :(

    4. Congrats on your daughter getting married to a guy you like.
      I also can only cook in big amounts.
      congrats on your award.

    5. Evil Angel,
      Me and you are so alike in the cooking category!
      Every time I make pasta or chili or soemthign like that, I have like 2 weeks worth of leftovers!
      and YAY! another family that actually likes their inlaws! I thought we were weird cause robs family loves me, and I them, and Mom just adores Rob and he her!

      A leg press girl! I knew I liked you!!!!


    6. Silverhartgirl- Thank You! My hopes for the two of them are that they love each other as passionatly as my husband and I love each other and much joy in their life together.

      Christy- we are very lucky that we have agreat Son in law that we both know adores Kyrstin as she should be.

      My only problem is I have no upper body strength at all. lol Though my husband says I have a rack that could stop a speeding car....does that count? :P

    7. i loved reading more about you!! congrats on your award! and congrats to your awardees! :)

    8. Ah that's sad that you can't be there in person. :(

      I have no idea what the time difference is between here and there but I'm guessing she either got married already or is getting married right now so congratulations with your new member of the family. How does it feel to be promoted to mother-in-law-status?

      I hope both she and her husband and you and your family have a wonderful day!

    9. Another person who can't cook small amounts! Congrats on being a MIL and best wishes to your daughter and son-in-law. Your more amazing the more I get to know about you.


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