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Oh how I adore old Nail Polish

I love this one it's a China Glaze Classic Chromes.
A gorgeous metallic lilac that unfortunatly lost it's label so I have no idea what the name of it is.
They had car related names like Crusin' for chicks....Oh I wish I knew the name.
Anyway the pictures are not totaly accurate since the sun was setting.

Look at those sexy oompaloompa hands! :)
This shows the color a little more accurately.

Someday I will track all of these down, but for now I adore my little Chrome!
Thanks Jess for this amazing goody!


  1. What a lovely color! I wish that I could track down some of these!

  2. I wish I could find the rest of the collection. Maybe we'll both luck out and find them in some hidden dusty somewhere. :)

  3. Your nails are beyond gorgeous! This chrome is amazing on you!

  4. That looks stunning on you. Mine didnt have a lable either. Half of the old stuff I get there is missing labels, I look for them but most of them are gone. Sorry, maybe you could make up a name for it or maybe someone else knows what its called

  5. Liz- Thank you friend!

    Skye- I am on a quest too find them all!

    Jess- Thank you! I'm going to email China glaze and see if I can find out the names.

  6. i know it's purple, but it just gives off a cool, wintery feel. i like it!

    oh, and your music player scared the crap outta me lol! although, i do like cradle of filth. i just totally wasn't expecting it!!!

  7. Diane- It's a soothing color.
    Sorry, I'll tell Danni to tone it down a bit. lol

  8. It's so smooth. Sometimes chromes show too many brush strokes. Wow!

  9. Wow! It looks fabulous This polish is gorgeous and your application is flawless. I'm not too good with chromes - I always have brush strokes.

  10. Whoa! What a gorgeous shade! I blame your nails for this one to look exeptional good. This certainly wouldn't look half as good on my nails. I love it!

  11. Love your blog, your nails are lovely and so is this color!
    I enjoy seeing the makeups you create...
    I am not a fan of sites that start up their music or videos automatically. (so "myspace")

    It's YOUR lovely blog though, I'll just click the off button. :)

  12. Deb- I was surprised at how few brushstrokes it showed!

    Jodes- I would love to take credit but it's the formula, it's easy to work with.

    Nihrida- I bet it would look gorgeous on you!

    Elizabeth- Thank You so much!
    I'm sorry, I am trying to find one that doesn't auto start or at least give me the option of making it a click to start.

  13. Oooo lovely! I do love the chromes! I have an old L'oreal one that I love. x

  14. Just amazingly lovely. That's really an old China Glaze. I'm a relative newbie with them. My collection is 98% new. I stupidly gave away all my polish. Not doing that again. That a gorgeous chrome color. Do the new Kromes look anything like this one?

  15. VampiressDoll- Thank you! I have several old poilishes that I adore.

    Lucy- Yes this one is Early 90's in all it's glory.
    From what I've seen and heard the new Khromes are just like this, I'm going to have to get a couple.


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