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Mineral Basics review

Since you've already seen the swatches I won't repost those.
I had a chance today to play around with the samples from
Here is what I used for this look:
tooface primer
MB Passive pixie inner 1/3
MB Flower fairy center lid under lower lash line
MB Magic spell outer 1/3
MB Hidden creatures outer v, crease and to line upper and lower lash
MB Angel eyes as highlight
Maybelline Full n soft black

Palladio rice powder medium/light
MB Spellbind cheek pop

Palladio Herbal lip slix pink innocence
Evil Shades lip gloss Lethal kiss

I had to really work to get much color pay off with most of the eye shadows and had a lot of fall out.
They blend well. The Angel eyes Illuminator is a little to yellow for my complection but it did apply much better than most of the shades. 2 hours after application there was barely a wash of any of the colors left at all, so I'm a bit dissapointed. The Cheek pop did have decent color pay off and is slightly shimmery. A fun color and not my normal type of cheek color.
The samples are extremely small for the price. For me personally these just did not work well , but not all products work for everyone. I'm sure for some they are quite nice, just not for me.

Ignore my hair it's insane when I start growing it out. Oh and I put the giant pimple on my chin on purpose. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! :)

Well Lovies that's all I have for tonight, I must go do my nails! lol


  1. very pretty!
    Also I tagged you for that kreative blogger tag, although I notice you have already done it

  2. Thanks for the review. I really appreciate knowing about the lack of staying power, as well as the small sample size. I tend to have oily lids, so I like to avoid things that are gone quickly.

  3. Great review! We appreciate your honesty XD

  4. They look nice on you (but everything looks good on you!) I really love the honest review. :)

  5. Jess- Thank you!

    enamoredenamel- I will do the tag later this week. Thank you doll!

    Phyrra- I wish they stayed better and were a little more vivid.

    Lisa Kate- You're welcome. I'm a terrible liar so honesty is all you get from me. :)

    Liz- You get extra hugs for that! ((((hugs))))

  6. Your makeup looks nice. It's very light. Not much product for the price. I really love your chin with the pimple. How do you go about gettting one of them? I hope you can show me! Your hair looks fine. Love ya.


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