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Metal Music Monday!!!

OK so we are going to try something new for Monday's.
I have asked my dear, sweet, and extremely talented Husband to do a weekly Music review for the blog.
He graciously (after much proding, eyelash batting and minor whining) agreed.
I warn you ahead of time that the title says a lot, He is my Metal head and so most of the music will be Metal. So with out further babling I give you my hot Metal Hubby. He will answer questions if there are any.

(Isn't he cute, Oh sorry, shutting up now!)

Skeleton Witch - Breathing the Fire

Original Release Date: October 13, 2009

1. Submit To The Suffering
2. Longing For Domination
3. Where The Light Has Failed
4. Released From The Catacombs
5. Stand Fight And Die
6. The Despoiler Of Human Life
7. Crushed Beyond Dust
8. Blinding Black Rage
9. Gorge Upon My Soul
10. Repulsive Salvation
11. Strangled By Unseen Hands
12. And Into The Flame

Their Sophomore effort is coming in pretty tight.

If you’ve listened to Skeleton Witch then you’ve heard some of these riffs before, no biggie in my opinion. SW offers some of the best in thrash/ death/ Black metal and plain ‘ole Heavy Metal mixed into each song.

I really can’t say there is Any song that I skip on this CD, which is rare. I especially like track 9 Gorge Upon my soul, it has a great black metal style ending.

So if you are looking for some true headbangin’ this is one to pick up.
I give it 4.5 out of 5 Guitar picks


  1. Very nice. I like this new feature! You know I'm always up for new music.

  2. love the guitar pick rating scale!!!

  3. Jess- I'm glad, I love music and so does My Hubby and we are always hunting for new bands as well as loving our old ones.

    Diane- He plays guitar so we thought it was apropriate. (OK I just thought it was cute, lol)

  4. I don't know anything about metal music. I'm always interested in learning anything new in music. I love rock music and it's all classic rock now. I'm so old now! It's still new to me not classic. The only metal music I know of is Metallica. I love their music.

  5. Lucy- Oh hun let me introduce you to my Boyfriend Dave Mustane (don't tell my husband he's very jealous of Dave)
    Go up to my little music player on the left side and click the forward button until you find Megadeth.....That is some badass straight up Metal, Oh and Iron Maiden but they aren't Hot like Dave. :)

  6. Oh metal music - my husband would love that !!! He is crazy on metal and he has tons of cds - Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica, Machine Head, Sepultura and more that I don't remember their names...LOL
    He even did a tattoo on his hand of the Sepultura's "s", like this:

    He also plays a guitar and he's now looking for a new guitar for his birthday, and I'm sure he would love to hear about your weekly review, so say thank you to your stunning husband ! :-)

  7. Hey, honey! Great idea with the Metal Mondays. :) I listened to this CD, but I think singers voice is too ''death metal'' for a black metal band. But that's just me. Oh, and they're coming to Slovenia next year. :)
    Good job, hubby! And yeah, he looks fierce with that guitar! :)

  8. Tuli- That tattoo is wicked and on his hand...ouch! Tell your husband to check out The Dean Dave Mustane flyin' V the neck action on them is mad. I got Hubby the one in the picture for his BDay 2 years ago and it's the less expensive ($400) one and he says he doesn't think he'll ever love another guitar more than this one.

    Nihrida- Hubby and I both agree with you, the vocals are not quite there but the music is.
    That is so not fair we get crap for good metal here in East TN.

  9. Hell yeah! I love this new feature. I gotta go check out Skeleton Witch!

  10. Deb- He will do a new one every Monday and I am trying to be sneaky and get a video of him playing guitar. He's quite good but very hard on himself. Maybe I'm biased cuz he's so hot when he plays....giggles like a groupie!

  11. I LOVE this new feature! I'm a metalhead through and through! :) Will have to check out this new band... I love getting tips about what music to play while I'm doin' up my nails (ah... so yes... your entire blog is perfect, doll!!) :)

  12. Niiice! Good music and nail polish, what's not to love!
    I'm listening to some Skeleton Witch songs right now - not bad at all, thanks for sharing ^^



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