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A Sad Goodbye to The NailPhile and Sweet Siobhan

I read this morning that one of my favorite Bloggers is saying
farewell to blogging. The NailPhile is one of my favorite blogs and Siobhan ismore than just another blogger!
Siobhan is a Grand Lady  and I adore her and will greatly miss my daily dose of her lovely nails and great stories!
A while back when some cads decided to troll me and cause much drama and nastyness, Ms. Siobhan gallantly stood up for me even though we had at that point never spoken beyond the community board. She stood up for me in forums that I was not even aware that this uglyness was even going on. She took many lashes on my behalf and encouraged me to stand tall and not allow it to affect me personally. She truly is a wonderful Lady and I adore her both personally and as a Blogger!
Thank You Siobhan for your friendship and for all of the fabulous swatches, stories and tips!
I wish you much luck and happiness in all that you do!

Hugs from all of your readers!


  1. Very nice tribute to her and I agree with everything you said. I love the little hugging pic :)

  2. This is so sad to read. I love her blog! I agree with what you said as well, she's a gem. I hope she has the best of luck in her next adventure.

  3. i really hope that stupid people didnt drive her away!
    It seems so sudden!
    She's the very first blog i ever followed. She is the reason i have a konad obsession!

  4. Oh no! How sad. Siobhan is also one on the first bloggers that I read. I think she has fantastic nails and photos. She cause me collection to grow by leaps and bounds. I pray everything is allright. She is a wonderful lady. I didn't know you'd go thru so many troubles. How horrible some people are. That's wonderful that she stood by you. Much love to Siobhan and I will miss her so much.

  5. This makes me so sad. :( What a perfect picture to put with this post.

  6. OMG...she's really leaving, isn't she? She's the one who got me into this nail polish obsession. She will be missed so much!


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