All the Beautiful people

Good friends keep you warm inside and out!

My dear sweet friend Nihrida (you all know her fabulous blog) Sent me the sweetest package.
She sent me candy, yummy caramels that I have hidden and the most delicious Chocolate bar made in her beautiful Slovenia and yeah I ate it....mmmmmmm!

The really fabulous thing about European chocolate(aside from the taste) there are no calories or fat....

See I looked......nope, no calories, no fat!

She also sent me two S-he nail polishes one of which I am wearing.
This is S-he #464 it is a perfect purple creme, applies in one coat and dries so fast!

And to warm my hands and heart she sent me a pair of gloves like some that she has that I drooled over.
These are so warm and so pretty, I adore them.

Thank you Nihrida you are the sweetest and you really warm my heart as much as my hands!


  1. I love your gloves! I'd drool over those too! MMMMMm chocolate and carmel with no fat and calories even better! I love that polish as well, its so smooth and creamy and 1 coat! We need this brand here.

  2. god, caramel is yummy.
    Love the gloves :)

  3. Aw she's sooo sweet! Love the no calories haha I would totally eat that up XD

    That purple is perfect! Such a great creamy color, I love it! Those gloves are pretty amazing too!

  4. The gloves really compliment your long nails. I love the purple.
    If someone invented chocolate that tasted good but had no calories or fat, I would buy up a ton of their stock (and their chocolate).

  5. love the purple!

    why is it that we have to HIDE our good stuff? i have to do that too. like, is nothing sacred? not even mom's chocolate??!

  6. Jess- These are the most droolworthy gloves ever!

    Phyrra- mmmmmmm caramel!

    Lisa Kate- Thanks Sweety, my paws will be toast this winter!

    Deb- I would be right next to you in line!

    Diane- I know but we never have to hide the brocolli....hmmmm....I could hide the chocolate under the broccolli....or throw the brocolli at those trying to steal my chocolate! lol

  7. I need to get plenty of European chocolate! No calories is what I need. I like chocolate from overseas since it's not as sugary sweet as our chocolate in the states. Those gloves are really fierce! That purple polish on your nails is really fantastically beautiful. That really looks perfect with your skin color. Some shades of polish just look really special on us and that one is it. Nhrida is one perfect angel. You are the Evil (Sweet)Angel! Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. love the gloves and they go great with your nails.

  9. oooo cozy gloves that shows off fabulous nails..... I love it. I have tagged you btw because I think you are fab ; )

  10. omg!! im in love with ur nails...

  11. Hey, honey! :) Yeah, sure. That chocolate doesn't have ANY calories whatsoever. :) That's why ''we Europeans'' are so fit! ROFL
    BTW: It's totally worth those 600 calories (or is it less?). :)
    When I first saw S-he on your nails i thought:'' I need this one!''. I already have it. But it doesn't look this good on me. :) BTW: You got it wrong both times: it's 464! :))))
    I'm so glad you like everything. I'd send you more it I had the money... But someday I will :)

  12. Lucy- I agree European candy is not as overly sweet as what is made here in the US and their chocolate is so much creamier!

    Revampy- Thank You!

    Jodes- Yay a new tag!

    thriszha- Awwww...thank you!

    Nihrida- hehe...the joys of dyslexia, it's rare that I don't reverse numbers, but when I read them back it's correct...crazy!
    The chocolate is so worth every yummy calorie!
    Some day when we both get rich we can do a huge international nail polish exchange. lol


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