All the Beautiful people

My webserver is down Grrrrrrrr

So I went this morning to do some updating on my website (evilshades)
and could not get on...wah??  OK So I keep trying throughout the day and nada!
Finally I find the Asshats (my web host) on Twitter and come to find out some bastage cut a fiberoptic line and it is being repaired. No time frame no refunds or apology for my lost business or all of the others in my position!
Grrrrrrr.......I could spit fire right now!

End rant.

Needless to say I have not had time to put on makeup or do my poor nails today so no pretty pictures.
Sorry! :(

So I figured I would show you my monkeys instead....
My oldest monkey and her Hubby

Are they adorable or what!?

My bouncy ball girl...

This is as long as she can be still...about 15 seconds!

My little dude...

With his new peepers!

And the one that will surely make me go gray...

Note the duct tape holding her diaper on! She is adorable and evil...yes she bites too!

The two that don't live with us DH's babies I don't post pics because their Mommy is crazy!

And my biggest baby...

I love a man in uniform...or plastic transformer mask!


  1. Gaahh! So sorry. It pisses me off how people go unaccountable. Thank you for answering my emails informatively and promptly. I hope your server gets back online soon. Asshats. hahaha. (Alexandra Balaban by email). Your family is really cute!

  2. Tally- I do what I can! I hate bad CS so I won't be one of "those" companies!

  3. They didn't even apologize?!? WTF!?! That even makes me mad! Your family is lovely though!

  4. love these photos of your family!!!

  5. Awww! Your kids are way too cute! Your son looks so freakin adorable in his new glasses. They all look so much like you, too! I'd love to see a pic of you when you were your daughters age...twins, I bet!

    Sorry about the web people...they are asses. And the crazy other mommy. People are so dumb.

  6. What a beautiful family you have. Your son is such a handsome dude in his new glasses! God Bless him and all of your family. I'm glad I wasn't drinking something when I saw the duct tape on the diaper! Your daughter and SIL are gorgeous as is that lovely grandaughter. Your husband is a handsome Transformer! Love ya!

  7. Goodness gracious girl, your family is GORGEOUS!!!!!

    Man you oldest should be a model, she is such a knockout! WOW!

    You are one lucky lady!!!

    And Your hubby ROCKS!

  8. What a beautiful family you have, bless. x

  9. This is great! You must have so much fun with so many children. I'm sure they can make you go crazy...but still. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers (only one sister is my real sibling; I have the same father with others). I was never bored when I was growing up. :) Your oldest daugher is such a beauty. Just like you. And the little ones look like they have your sparkle. :)

  10. gildedangel- I know it insane, but YAY this morning it's back up and running!

    Lisa Kate- I posted some pictures just for you!

    Jodes- Thank You!

    Lucy- Yeah My youngest takes after her Daddy and she is
    How many women have a transformer for a husband? lol

    Christy- Thank You! You tell her that she's beautiful because she doesn't listen to me.
    My husband is crazy funny...I love him for it!

    VampireseeDoll- Thank You!

    Nihrida- I only had one Sister and she sucks, mean and no fun at all.
    I hope that having a full family gives my children some extra support as they become adults. I would have loved to have had that and I hope that they have that friend/family bond.

  11. Your family is beautiful! I love seeing their pictures. Thank you for sharing with us. Your husband makes me laugh! Your kids are lucky to have such great parents!


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