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Not feeling myself

I'm sorry, I'm just not feeling well today so I have not done my nails,
hair, makeup and I'm still in my jammies as it's nearing my bedtime.
Not sure what's wrong. Maybe all the way too busy days have caught up with me.
I promise I'll have pretties of some form tomorrow.
But for now how about a good laugh....

This is me today! If that doesn't get your giggles going and boost your self esteem nothing will!

Good night Lovies!


  1. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I passed my germs huh? Well I hope you are feeling better soon and I think you look damn good, better than I when I haven't done any of those things!

  2. feel better soon! when i have days like that i make sure i at least change into clean pjs before going back to bed lol.

  3. Hope you're not getting sick! I feel like crap even before I catch a cold or get a flu. Just go to bed and let your hubby pamper you. :) That should help a bit. Hope you feel better soon! And you look great on the photo, you're just sleepy-eyed. :)

  4. Hope you feel better soon!
    Incidentally you look a lot better than i do when i'm tired and sick :)

  5. Oh you poor thing. Hope you feel better soon. Sending lots of hugs

  6. You look fine, just not "polished" :)

    It's natural for our bodies to want to slow down when autumn comes, listen and relax and rest...
    And I second what Nihrida said.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  7. gildedangel- Thank you!

    Brandy- You are so sweet you big liar! XD

    Jess- I think it's just Supermom burnout, happens once or twice a year.

    Diane- I changed Jammies into my ultra comfy ones and then the baby woke up at 1am. lol typical

    thriszha- Thank You hun!

    Nihrida- I feel a little better today. I'm just trying to get some extra rest.

    Lillian- can I borrow your new dress? (sad puppy face) lol

    Jodes- Hugs are the biggest help!

    Liz- I love you!

    TW- hehe I rarely look polished other than my nails. I love your name. I want to change mine to FatGirltryingtogetCake. I want cake.

  8. You look so pathetic! I'm so sorry your feeling like crap. Big hugs & kisses to you to make you better. I think Mom needs some pampering. Get some rest and feel better.

  9. That makes me say, "Awww." Then I just want to give you a big hug.
    Feel better, friend!

  10. Lucy- I'm going to play hooky from my work tonight and go to bed early. (Or so I tell myself) Thank you! xoxox

    Lamby- (remember I knicknamed you) Hugs are always welcome around here! Thanks!

  11. You still look wonderful, no worries.

  12. Hi, I decided to check out your blog after reading your comments on Nihrida's blog. :D IMO you look much better than me in the same situation. For real. :)


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