All the Beautiful people

Such a sweet award!

VampiressDoll from Bleeding Beauty tagged me for this too sweet award.
I love your blog too Lovie! (^_^) xoxox
I was also tagged for this by my sweet gildedangel at Naive Nails.
She does great swatches and has a great blog!

The rules are to name 15 blogs that you love, but I'm a rule breaker so I'll just Tag a few of my loved blogs!
Lisa at All Glammed up! (She has amazing Talons)
Diana at Painted lady Fingers! (Such great nail art)
Pinkginger at A thing of beauty! (Sweetest lady ever)
Courtney at Fresco Phyrra! (I just love her to bits)
Diane at Mourning Glory! (She is so awesome)


  1. You are so sweet. Thank you. I have been overcome by glitter for much of the week. I need to get stamping!

  2. no dahling, YOU are so awesome! congrats and thank you!!!!!!!

  3. Aww thank you!
    Gratz to you for your reward!

  4. *blushes* Thank you so much! and congrats on the award,it is well-deserved :)


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