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Holo Konadicure

Last night I had no time to Konad my pretty China glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out manicure
So I did it today! I used image plate m66 because It is so delicate but large enough to cover the length of my nails. I used OPI DS Fantasy for the images and it turned out pretty good for my 3rd konadicure.

And in the shade so you can see all of my oopses.

How awesome is this plate!

My Son got his glasses today (he's 5) and he was so happy when they put them on, he looked up at me and said Mommy I can see you and you aren't all furry. lol He keeps telling me how pretty I am and tells Daddy that he has polk a dots on his back(freckles).
 They only gave him half the strength needed for fear that the full Rx would cause migrains. But my boy can finally see and he spent the afternoon pointing everything out to me. YAY! For those that don't know, due to a severe septic infection ,from not being circumcized at birth, and the oxygen as well his vision has been very poor and he could see nothing past about 8 feet away and everything has been blurry up until today. So Mommy cried tears of joy at his first clear sight of the world.


  1. It is so great that your little boy can see, I know from personal experience how nice it is! Gorgeous mani btw, you picked a great design!

  2. This is a gorgeous konadicure, EA!

  3. gildedangel- I have never had any vision problems but I have watched him stumble around and fall every few steps so what a huge relief for both of us. And thank you, I love this image!

    JaciO- Thank You, I'm practicing my skills. lol

  4. That's so fantastic your son can see now with glasses! What a little sweetheart to say those nice things. You and your family must be so thrilled, I'm happy for you guys!

    Your koni looks really nice, love the dark blue you chose for the stamp. (^-^)

  5. Phyrra- I am a blue nail polish freak!

    Kae- We are so happy and he wanted to wear his glasses to bed. Daddy told him that he can't see with his eyes closed anyway. lol

    thriszha- Thank You!

  6. Yay! There a whole world opening up for the little guy! Must be very exiting.
    And I guess it's nice to know you are no longer his furry mommy. ;)

    I love that plate! My only pet peeve with it is why do they make such a big design and then don't have big enough stamps that can pick them up?

  7. YAY!!!
    doing the happy dance for you guys!

    That's so exciting!

    And the mani is beautiful!

  8. It looks great! Great choice of colours! Love this plate too:) If you have longer nails, like you, this plate works better:)<3

  9. Kirsten- It's nice to not be furry. lol

    Christy- Thank You! We are loving his new discovery of the world!

    Konadomania- Thank You! I had to have this plate, now I want more like it! :)

  10. Awww!! I'm so happy for you and your son! Thats so cute, you're not furry anymore!

    Beautiful nails, I love the color combo there! You renewed my love for dragon lady nails lol (although, how the HELL do you type with those?!)

  11. Awww so happy to hear the little one can see!!

  12. wow... blue nails, I've only seen dark blue so far, but this blue is just wow... and so long! I can never have long nails in my profession!


  13. Lisa Kate- actually I have a hard time typing without them, the keys are in the wrong places when I break or cut them. I've have claws since 4th grade so I honestly cannot function with anything less. lol

    Brooke- Thank You! It's so fun to watch him discovering everything.

    Toothfairy- (It makes me giggle to type that) I have been a maid, Mommy, CNA, Preschool teacher, and my current all with these evil claws. They are like Wolverine's I think they are made of Adimantium. lol

  14. What a wonderful thing to happen to your son. I know how much glasses are needed. My brother is legally blind so his glasses are really important to him. He barely can see but they help a bit. Your Wolverine claws look mighty by the way!


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