All the Beautiful people

Nameless Unicorn Konad and Mail box goodies

After 4 or so hours of helping my MIL with major yard work
I was too worn out to do a fresh mani so I decided to spruce up my China Glaze Classic Chromes that has no label so no name. First I added a very thin dry brushing of an un named Sally girl lilac holographic polish. (You see where I'm going with the nameless thing)
Then I stamped them with Konad Image plate m28 using Konad special polish in Dark purple.

This reminds me of the 1970-80's 7th grade girl with the Unicorn covered room.
Well it was fun and entertaining for a while.

Then this afternoon the Mail Lady brought me a box...
Who is it from? One of my e-BFF's Jess! YAY! What's inside?

Who are those beautiful ladies all lined up?

(I didn't take an up the skirt picture of the glitter Toma because she lost her label)
Thank You my Sweet friend Jess! You are the Beez Kneez! xoxox
Now I have to decide what to here I come! =P


  1. Ohh I love that Konad, I use to love love love unicorns. I think my parents have my collection now, I still have the big mink blanket from Korea though, warm as can be.

  2. You can get a Konad with Unicorns?! Oh my! Why did you have to post this work of art (which is gorgeous) I love unicorns :)

  3. Jess- I so knew you were a Unicorn girl! :)

    Danielle- Oh I can make it even worse.....there is a discount code for in my left sidebar for 30% off it's plate m28 and it is one of my most used so far!

  4. Gorgeous! Shiney, sparkley and purple...3 of my favorite things!

  5. How pretty are your nails! I don't collect unicorns but they're special animals. I know they're not real but I can dream. One of my favorite movies is Legend with Tom Cruise. It has a beautiful unicorn scene in it. Your nails look amazing.

  6. That is so whimsical! I love it!

  7. I am loving the unicorns. I have that plate and I keep eyeing the unicorn design.

    Lucy, I am pretty sure unicorns are real. I think some of them have invisible horns. ;)

  8. Lisa- They are 3 of my favorite things also! Great minds you know!

    Lucy- Love the movie Legend I own it, I know every line by heart and unicorns do exsist! :)

    Gildedangel- Thank You doll!

    Diana- You really must do a manicure with this one! I would love to see what amazing art you would create!

  9. Your nails are sooooooooooooo gorgeous. How can you do yard work and still have beautiful nails? I take the laundry out of the machine and I snap one!

    Love the unicorn design too. it's very magical. Might dig out all my movies like that .... Legend, Never Ending Story, Labyrinth. Getting in the mystical mood.

    PS Unicorns, leprechauns, pixies, fairies, Santa etc ALL exist!

  10. wow!! its so ur nails..

  11. Your nails look like you just came out of a fairtale. I love that base color on you!

  12. Squee!! Unicorns are amazing! What a fun, girly mani, I love!

    Aw Jessica is way too sweet! I can't wait to see them!


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