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Hollywood Cerial Killer Konad mani

This really does remind me of a Hollywood starlet gone cerial killer. lol
Aren't you glad you don't live inside my head! Muahahahahahah!

I used a no name lilac holo Sally Girl polish as my base. Yep Sally has 2 holo's how cool is that!
It was 3 coats to opaque, good application other than with my nail length these tiny bottles start to thicken quickly. Nothing a few drops of thinner couldn't fix.
I used Konad special polish in dark purple and  image plate m21 for the blood drops.
I did one full image on each nail and then added a few of the smaller spatter randomly.

The holo is more sparse than China Glaze but still very pretty and it does show in lower lighting as well.

A little blurry to really show the bling.


  1. Gorgeous! It does have a Hollywood feel to it. I love everything on your pretty long nails!

  2. Diane- Thank you, I knew you'd appreciate it! :)

    Jess- Awwww....blush!

  3. What else is in that demented brain! Love that wild manicure.

  4. Lucy- lol...You don't want to know...the things that cause other's nightmares, they dance around inside my head like children on a platground. :)
    Wierd and proud, that's my motto!

  5. Oh my, I love this! It does have a sort of old-Hollywood, Black Dahlia feel to it. I totally need to find this lilac holo!

    ...only YOU could find a color that looks exactly like dried blood, put it on top of something ultra girly, and make it awesome!

  6. OK,this is AWESOME! It looks perfect with your long nails :)

  7. Love it! It looks great on your lovely long nails!

  8. WANT. Can you come and do my nails, please? :D

  9. such a fun Konad pattern!! Must add this one to my wishlist

  10. I am absolutely PSYCHOTIC over this manicure! OMG

  11. I am absolutely PSYCHOTIC over this manicure! OMG


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