All the Beautiful people

Whooo are you?

I actually put on makeup today after 3 days of nada.
I had to play with my Evil Shades Whooo are you? and Sweet Alice.
The picture do not do the colors justice they are much more vivid in person.
Here is the breakdown for those interested:
LOL You know I don't wear foundation.
E.L.F.  translucent mattifying powder
Nars Orgasim blush (yep bought it for the name)
Homemade primer(works pretty darn good)
Evil Shades Sweet Alice (silvery baby pink)
Evil Shades Whooo are you? (minty fresh green)
Maybelline Full n soft mascara black
Evil Shades un named gloss (soft pink with mega blue shimmer)

I foiled Whooo are you? lightly instead of liner for upper and lower lash line.

Eyebrows are a hot mess, but I have so little I just didn't feel like filling them in today.

This is much closer to the true color. (pardon my wrinkly eyes, I'm old)

This is what happens when a Blackfoot Man falls for a Viking girl. lol
I have a complection that no foundation can match and a nose that only my husband could love!

Is that a gray hair?
I checked, nope. Damn believe it or not I look forward to my silvers coming.

Click this picture to see the blue shimmer. Any thoughts on a name?

I will gladly send a free jar to anyone who can come up with a great name for this gloss.


  1. Obviously you haven't seen MY nose - big flat Chinese nose thanks to my ancestors! Well, I'm not brave enough to post it yet. Hehehe...

    Supersonic, that's the first name that came to mind when I saw the gloss.

  2. the name of your lip gloss is Cosmic Dust Cloud. at least in my head lol.

    i LOVE the green shadow! you look terrific!

  3. The green looks fantastic! Hmmmmm a blue name. Cheap and Cheerful lol. First song that popped into my head. Ohh or filthy gorgeous from the scissor sisters!

  4. I was thinking of the Moon when I saw the lip color. How about 'Diana's bow' in reference to the first crescent? It would also be an interesting take on the idea of a cupid's bow. I swear my name has nothing to do with it! :)

  5. I was thinking "edgier" and it looks like you're a bit I would call it "Frigid" Heh, not very flattering. Maybe not. :)

  6. I love the green. I understand how hard it can be to photograph eyes. I would post pics of my own eye makeup more, but I can never photograph my eye area without it being washed out or out of focus.

  7. I've come back to this post a couple of times thinking that my eyes are playing tricks on me. I *cannot* believe that you have a grown child! I'm wondering at what your age might look barely in your 20's.

  8. Looking much better! Very attractive makeup. Your nose isn't big at all. I can't think of a name but I think Diana's bow is really clever. Send that girl some gloss sweetie!

  9. Music- I bet your nose is adorable!

    Diane- Thank You!

    Jess- Cheap and cheerful, that's me! lol

    Diana- I like the concept behind the name. Most of the names of my makeup few people know what they mean and they probably think me insane, but I love a name with meaning!

    Elizabeth- Naming things can warp your brain, I swear it! :)

    Deb- if you ever find the secret to a good eye shot, clue me in please!

    Lisa- I love you! I am 36, I had my oldest 1 month after my 16th Birthday. But I still feel 23 and I refuse to grow up!

    Lucy- Thank You friend! ((hugs))

  10. How about the name "frost bite"?

  11. Pretty! I got my samples yesterday and can vouch for how vibrant the colors are in person.:) Diana's idea is good, or, something like Sanguine Sugar comes to my mind.


  12. Astraea- Thank You lovie! Lots of great names.

    Madeleine- YAY! Someday I'll come out with some subdued colors for the faint of heart....maybe!


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