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Music suggestions

Chris and I are huge music fans although we are rather strict on the types of music that we enjoy.
LOL In general if it isn't Punk(Not pop punk gah), Metal(true serious metal), Very Heavy Hard Rock we are not likely to enjoy it. (Other than Johnny Cash because well he listens to Metal so he's awesome)
Chris thought it would be great if you all suggested some bands or specific albums you'd like to see him review. My European friends if you know of some amazing Metal or Punk bands that might not be so well known here in the US Please speak up as we are are Hardcore lovers of Indie Metal bands.
Chris adores Viking Metal, Norwiegian Death  and anything deep dark and disturbed.
I am a lover of Metal but I also love Rockabilly, Punkabilly, Punk(Mostly street punk), some Goth and generally any non mainstream sounds.

So feel free to post or email and if you have a link even better, we are always on the look out for new to us music.


  1. Hey, here are a couple of bands me and the boy are into:

    Divine Heresy (ultra amazing drummer)

    Five Finger Death Punch (they kinda sound like new classic rock mashed with a bit of metal, its strange haha)

    Abigail Williams


    Sorry if you have already heard them and like/don't like them but those are the ones I thought of off the top of my head. Sorry there isn't many. xxx

  2. Well, as i am also a music lover of punk and metal as well, here are my favourite bands that would like to see reviewed. Not very dark music, though they are brilliant!
    Iron Maiden
    The Creepshow
    Flatfoot 56
    Metallica (old days)
    Toy Dolls
    Amon Amarth
    Sigur Rós (nothing to do with metal), etc, etc...
    I will shut up now! :D

  3. Tanya- Thank you, I recognize all but Battelore so We'll check them out!

    Trinca- Have you been peaking in my ipod?
    There will certainly be reviews on 99% of your list and those I don't recognize we'll check out.
    Iron Maiden owns my Heart oh and Megadeth.....on everything mentioning Megadeth there will be a picture of Dave and some drooly coment from me because he is my boyfriend but we don't tell Chris. LOL

  4. Ahahah Dave Mustaine rules!
    I know Battlelore, it's sort of folk. They are very theatrical. The music is a little bit basic, but they are very good!

  5. You know about Cradle of Filth and Iron I'd say: Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child, Opeth, Ensiferum, Wintersun...
    For you, if you like gothic music: Tristania, Nightwish (especially Wishmaster, Oceanborn), Graveworm, The 69 Eyes, Theatres des Vampires....

  6. Sasha- We listen to Dimmu Borgir although I'm still heart broken about the break up not sure if I can bear listening to them without the angelic voice of Vortex, Old Man's Child is fenominal,Opeth, and we will check out the other's.
    Chris has always had a mad love for underground metal so we tend to know of more bands than a lot of people but we love searching for new to us music.

  7. Um k dont hate me if none of these fall directly into the right catagory I'm not really great with generes and stuff I just know what is good that Stu has introduced me to. ANd half of the bands you've listed I've never heard of.

    Stu is making a list for you guys too. Stu says Chris will love Korplikaani

    But I suggest Prize Fighter Inferno, Davenport Cabinet, Family Force 5, Fozzy

  8. She Wants Revenge (because it sounds to me like it's a bit goth)
    Emilie Autumn

  9. Inme
    My favourite British band and unique to it's own.
    Overgrown Eden - Their first album is a must have.

  10. Here's a link from Wiki

  11. I think everyone has made some great suggestions. I guess I'll add Dimension Zero (from Sweden-there are apparently two bands with that name) and Rapture (from Finland-not to be confused a band called The Rapture). Dimension Zero features Jesper Stromblad from In Flames and Jocke Gothberg who previously sang in Marduk. They're less melodic than In Flames, but more melodic than American Death Metal. I have their albums "Silent Night Fever" and "This is Hell". Both are excellent. Rapture is sort of hard to find. They only made two or three albums, I think. There music is slower and a bit more melodic than typical Death Metal, but they have a mixture of gutteral Death Metal vocals and some cleaner singing. The music is very melancholy and beautiful. Their album, "Songs for the Withering" is my favorite.

  12. I asked my boyfriend for help with this one, as he's my resident metalhead. After reading him the comments, he says there are some great bands listed, and recommends: Iskald - a melodic black metal band; Taghut - if you love how offensive Marduk is, you'll love this; Sigh - Japanese black metal; Children of Bodom & Dark Tranquility - he says he's sure you know of them, but I'm listing them anyway; Dawnbringer - great band, kinda unknown.

    Also, I'm sure you've already checked these out, but even I (definitely not a metalhead) get a kick out of Metalocalypse (and Dethklok's music is pretty damn good) and accoustic black metal.

  13. Aww...girl! You're killin' me! Chris already reviewed Skeletonwitch so that's out. I've been on a major power metal kick right now so I've been listening to Lions Share and Firewind.
    I'm sure he knows Kalmah but I throw it out there anyway.
    I also enjoy Thragedium. They're from Portugal and Fernando from Moonspell sang on a track called "Bloodline," from their "Isolationist" album.

    Have fun with new music!

  14. I forgot to add that Divine Heresy are pretty good but not so much live. Just my opinion but I believe that in order for the juxtaposition of clean/harsh vocals to work, you either need two good singers or one really amazing singer.
    Some dude who sounds okay doing clean vocals and amazing doing harsh is not going to do it.
    And I'm done for the night.

  15. Some great bands:
    -Volbeat!! (one of my favourite bands^^) They do kind of a mix of rockabilly, a bit punk and classic heavy metal, and they totally kick ass in concert!
    -Maximum the Hormone. Crazy Japanese metal/punk hybrid. A little pop-ish sometimes, but a lot of fun nevertheless.
    -Onmyoza. Another Japanese band ;) They remind me a bit of Blind Guardian with *awesome* female vocals.
    -Caliban. Local death metal band from my bf's town !
    -WirrWahr. Imagine Electro was invented in medieval europe, that's what it sounds like^^
    -Die Apokalyptischen Reiter. Rock and Death Metal with German lyrics.
    -Knorkator. Aaand another German metal band. For the full fun, have someone translate the lyrics for you!
    -Mendeed. Keeps you awake when you're fiddling about complicated organic chemistry problems until the sun rises. Trust me, it works.
    -Rammstein. Heavy Industrial, a bit like M. Manson, but better.
    -Saltatio Mortis. Really nice folk metal.
    -In Extremo. Also folk metal, but a tad harder than Saltatio Mortis. Also better songwriting skills imho. Again, try to get a translation of the lyrics!
    -Kreator. Thrash Metal! \m/
    -Sybreed. I only discovered them like a week ago, but they seem pretty cool. They have this "new Matrix special soundtrack for metalheads" kinda feeling about them... is there something like "cyber metal"?

    Phew, that was a lot. Have fun trying, hope you like some of them!

    (^_^)\m/ (love how the Japanese have a smiley for literally everything xD)


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