All the Beautiful people

Dark Angel Sophie Lancaster

I just watched the Youtube video from The Sophie Lancaster foundation.
A beautiful young woman of 20 Kicked to death while protecting her unconcious boyfriend.
Why? Because they are Goth!

Please watch this and spread the word of Sophies story.
I warn you that it is heart wrenching and tears will follow.


  1. I've seen this, it broke my heart. So many of my friends are Goth(old and new). Everyone should know about Sophie. Thanks for posting this.

  2. this is a horrible story. i believe today is her birthday. i wish more people would adopt the philosophy of live and let live.

  3. I've read the story & have seen this around the web. It's good to raise awareness about it. People are people, shouldn't be judged by their appearance....

  4. I first heard of this from Helen & Sheenie's blog. This is a horrendous crime and sickening. I just don't understand why people are like this. What is the matter with the mentality of people.


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