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NOX Twilight swatches

I will admit that I have not read nor seen any Twighlights.
Not because I'm unwilling but I just haven't had time.

This is a review I've been meaning to post for a while but everytime I went to crop and watermark
my pictures I found myself wandering into an idea for a fabulous manicure to use these with. So I got distracted and now have finally got myself inline to do this. I will try not to stop and drool too often.

I was quite excited at the oportunity to review this
line as it is truly right up my Vampy alley!

Red Velvet is a bright blue based bright red jelly.
Look at the bottle....could you just stare at it all day!
Droooooooolllllllll! Oh sorry, back to it then.


This is 3 coats of Red Velvet no top coat

Why yes I took eleventy billion pictures of this because I am in lust!

OK moving on.

Black Tie is a very dark black creme.
I'm not sure if everyone is as particular about black as I am or not but..well I'm a bit obsessive.
A lot of Black polish is a brown, gray or purple base or a mix of two of these. Black Tie is a blue based black which gives it a much deeper pitch black color.

This is 2 thin, smooth coats no top coat.

Sugar Plum is a Faerie of a different color! This one is a juicy fuschia with bright purple iridecent shimmer.
This picture in in natural light, shade.

I did not size this one down so click to make huge and stare at the shimmer!
It's a larger shimmer particle than most but not glitter and completely smooth.

This one is a little sheer at 2 coats but I think a 3rd would take it to opaque.

Disco Darling is a holo glitter in clear base. It's actually denser than I expected.
This is over Sugar Plum except on my ring finger which is 2 coats Disco Darling alone.

I was surprised to really like this one.

My Thoughts:
I love the bottles, the shape, the crest and all. The brush is nice.
The formula is a good workable consistancy, dries well and is very shiny on it's own.
The price is better than I had expected ay $6.99 each so I will be ordering more.
The only down side is that I hope they will come out with more colors soon.
You can find these as well as the rest of the Twilight beauty line here.

Have you tried any of the Twilight beauty products?
Any reccomendations?


  1. This collection is actually pretty decent - I tried Debutante - gorgeous peachy color!

  2. Love that bottle.  I was looking at them the other day.  I did resist them since they look like polishes I already have.  Great news about the black! I've only read Twilight but have seen the first two movies.  I know the books are always so much better.  Love all of  the polishes on your wonderfully long nails.  That red is gorgeous.  Red always looks fantastic.

  3. OMFG, *LOVE*! I can't even pick one I like most... they're all so damn delicious! I'm just... *swoons*

    Must... resist.... cannot buy...

  4. are you kidding me? That first one, the red, that's just ridiculously gorgeous on you!!!! :-D

  5. ooh these are good. all of them.

  6. Aurica-ManicureTimeAugust 17, 2010 at 7:50 AM

    I LOVE red, so Red Velvet is my very favorite! The bottles are so nice!x

  7. Helen (NIce Things)August 17, 2010 at 8:28 AM

    Thwy look amazing on you, especially that red - it's so juicy!
    Nothing there that is different or unique enough to make me want to break my no-buy though.

  8. Jawdropping goodness, yikes! :-P

  9. I love Sugar Plum 3<3 I also really like Sangria.
    Red Velvet looks wonderful on you!

  10. Sugar Plum is gorgeous. Yum.

  11. I love that red.  And a close second is Sugar Plum.  I love the bottles - so different and kinda elegant.

  12. I love this black, I agree balcks can lean brown or grey.  These seem dusty to me.  I love blacks that lean blue or pruple, they seem "blacker/deeper"?

    I love the bottles, hopefully they will release more colros with better names :)

  13. Sugar Plum and Disco Darling are sooo pretty!And I'm particular about my black polishes, too!

  14. ARGH I hate Twilight but these are all so fricken stunning O____O especially Sugar Plum!

  15. ARGH I hate Twilight but these are all so fricken stunning O____O especially Sugar Plum!

  16. I LOVE red, so Red Velvet is my very favorite! The bottles are so nice!x


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