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My favorite nail files

I admit that years ago I used emery boards on my nails.
However a few years ago I started using glass or crystal files only and I will never own or use anything ever again. My nails do not peel at the free edge at all since I switched.

I have found that as with anything not all glass/crystal files are created equal.
I'm not going to point fingernails or name names on the lesser quality ones I've used.
I have used 15+ different sizes, styles and brands over the years and I have found my most beloved brand.
I'm going to share my secret with you, because I love you...but this is between you and me.

I found a company called Top Notch Nail files a few months ago.
This is the set I have
It has a large file which is great for feet. I use it not only for the nails but also for rough patches and callouses.
I'm in need of a new one because The Hot Guy has taken over my large file.
The medium file which is standard size and my regular file. Then finally a mini file that lives in my purse for any emergencies. All 3 have the same "grit" which is not too rough but not so smooth that it doesn't work quickly.
This set is Regularly $25.00 but is on sale for $20.00. I have paid up to $12 for one glass file that in my honest opinion was no where near the quality of my Top Notch files.

Regular metal files and emery boards tear and chip the nail as you file which
weakens your nail and causes splits, tears and breaks. A glass or crystal file slides smoothly across the nail without tearing. Glass/ Crystal files seal the free edge which prevents water, dirt and chemicals from getting between the nail layers. This is one cause of peeling, breaks and splits.

You have to be careful not to buy a faux glass/crystal file.
These little beasts look like the real deal but are usually plastic or plexiglass spray coated with glass particle which wears off quickly. A real glass/crystal file will never ever wear out or dull because the entire file is glass and the "file" part is permanently etched so it will forever stay etched.
I NEED this one...

It's called the Knight in shining armour
For those who aren't aware, I spent most of my teens and 20's swordfighting (broad swords)
So I really do need this. lol
Top Notch also guarantees their files for life against wear and breakage. Seriously, their prices are comparable to or lower than most and they really stand behind their products.
Have you tried Top Notch files?
Do you have a favorite?

**Products in this post were provided by the company/PR for my honest review.


  1. I'm a fan of glass/crystal files! Used an emery board as well and had extremely peeling and weak nails! But when my dad brought me the crystal beauty, I had eager to try it ASAP. And EVERYTHING changed!

  2. OMG!! I need the knight in shining armour too!!!

  3. I had seen these around but they never caught my eye.  My mom sent me a medium and small one for my birthday.  I used it for the first time yesterday and I'm already an emery board convert!!  These work perfectly and if it keeps my nails from peeling on the edge, I'll keep these forever!

  4. These sound great! I've wanted a crystal file for ages but haven't got round to buying one. If they ship to the UK i'll definately get the set :)
    Also the knight in shining armour one is so cool! I didn't know you did sword fighting, that is so cool! :)

  5. I have the top notch file pictured above (the small one) for my office, and I love it!

    Great quality and awesome price, can't beat it!

  6. These sound awesome and thank you so  much for sharing! I've had so much problems with my nails that I have to try these, anything for better nails, right!? :)  

  7. Sounds really great. I wanted to try glass/crystal files for a while now but I still use metal files and emery boards..=/

  8. I do so know what you mean when you say 'not all glass files are created equal'  i've had my share of WTH???  My faves right now are OPI and ESSIE.  I must take a stab 'yes, pun was intended' at the top notch nail files.

    *P.S. no apologies necessary we'll all be here when you get back whenever you have to take care of family*

  9. : \ I haven't been sword fighting for a year.  I was a little embarrased about some weight I gained and my boobs getting in the way of arm movements.  I hope to go back.  :(

    I <3 my glass file!!  I've had it for 15 years!

  10. After trying a glass file, I'll NEVER go back to a traditional file - I have a ton of them but I don't use them any more! One of the best tips I have learned since I started blogging. Great post!

  11. I'm gonna have to get me a glass file. That Knight in Shining Armor one looks AWESOME!

  12. You continually surprise me! Swordfighting with a broadsword, wow! I use nothing but glass files.  I also found one better than another.  Problem is I forget where I bought the one I like the best.  I think I prefer the crystal over the glass.  It's much smoother and files better.  They are the best thing ever invented to file nails!

  13. just ordered a set of 3...i had a crystal file a while back that i couldnt use b/c of the "nails on a chalk board" sound it made, i later found out that it was a big fat fake crystal file...will i be able to use these w/o cringing???

  14. I'm gonna have to get me a glass file. That Knight in Shining Armor one looks AWESOME!

  15. These sound awesome and thank you so  much for sharing! I've had so much problems with my nails that I have to try these, anything for better nails, right!? :)  


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