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Graveyard Moss is sexy

In case you've not yet figured it out, I'm in love with the Bloody Mary nail polish.
This one is Graveyard Moss and it's dusty silvery, grayed light green with brighter green sparky shimmer.
It's pretty sheer the first two coats so I'm thinking it will look amazing over black.
These are all 4 coats and no sun so lightbox pics.

This is from the Goth collection

It looks a bit metallic once opaque but very different on the first and second coat

I love greyed colors like this, kind of dreary and beautiful

I'm going to layer this soon so the true depth of this color can be shown off.


  1. What a scary name! Conjures up some gross things.  Love that shade on you.  Love everything on you.  I was on Bloody Mary  website after I read your other post.  I had to get off before I bought makeup I don't need.  I also was tempted by the polishes but I've been buying way to much!

  2. Love the name, love the looks :)

  3. So pretty! I love it! :)

  4. SO PRETTY!!!!!  I love the name AND the shade :)

  5. That's a really different color; pretty!

  6. I usually don't go for murky, non-descript colors, but I think I like this one- as is- and not over black.
    I think it's because the name matches my visual of what graveyard moss would look like.
    I didn't know Bloody Mary had nail polish....must check it out!

  7. Gorgeous grey - simply gorgeous!!

  8. Wow this is such a cool colour! I've seen Bloody Mary products in a shop bfore but its all Special FX stuff never the lovely polishes

  9. This colour is amazing. *adores*

  10. This colour is amazing. *adores*

  11. That's a really different color; pretty!


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