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Féline I love you & my camera's emotional issues

My sweet friend Féline of Alizarine Claws sent me a goody package!
She sent me several BadAss Metal shirts that I have cozy plans for if I can get them back from the hubby.
H&M Hello Kitties and candies only a true freak could love and I do!

More gorgeous polishes of the sparkly, holo and flaky type and more nummer candies!

Look at Happy Purple...isn't it so happy!


Thank you sooooo Much! Oh and The Hot Guy wants to move to Sweden because Swedish snus is the shit...his words!

Now for todays dissapointment
This is what my camera said to taking pictures of Orly Royal Navy
This is the best it would do. I'm so mad! Royal Navy is the most perfect Royal blue jelly with aqua shimmer floating about. My camera was scared by it's beauty and failed miserably.
I mean come on! *kicks stupid camera*

Do you have a nemisis color?


  1. What goodiea! Brains - icky!

  2. All purples are my camera's nemisis color!  *sigh*  You got some great goodies from Feline!  The brains candy looks...ummm...good?  LOL  I love Royal Navy - I must put it in my hot little hands next time!

  3. wow.. those are great kitty polishes.. would u care to try to swtach the purple HK one.. ;)
    that royal blue is really great on u... oh im in love with ur nails...

  4. Those candies look yummy and awesomly cool. The polishes *sighs* they are so pretty. Royal Navy looks so pretty on you.

  5. Braincandy, that's just awesome, I wish there was Halloween stuff here in Holland.

    All pinks and reds are my camera's Nemesis. All pinks look redish and all reds look pinkish. :(

  6. Royal Navy purdyness <3
    Feline´s a doll!

  7. It still looks awesome though! Purples are my nemesis, I just don't understand why they photograph so blue - and they seem to do that for everyone!

  8. Royal Navy purdyness <3
    Feline´s a doll!


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