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What do you get when you cross Baby pink nail polish and Spiders?

You get my Konad of the day! :)
I decided to franken a Baby Pink nail polish after seeing a post from Siobhan on MUA.
She still inspires me! So I grabbed an empty bottle (yes I save them) and added 1/2 a bottle of clear, then a little more than 1/3 of cheap white french tip white and then added about 5 drops of Orly Sterling Silver Rose, ballz and shake it. Tadda...perfect baby pink!
I Stamped my perfectly sweet pink mani using Wet n wild black and Konad image plate m28
and Hot topic fauxnad plate and Color Club Revvvolution.

I call it Spider Love!

See even Baby Pink can be evil! :D


  1. despite my "darkness" (lol) i LOVE baby pink and wear it a lot. it's in my top 3 fave colors. esp with black.

    this is adorable!

  2. I love the pink, but spiders terrify me :P

  3. What a cool mani!!! I am not a huge fan of spiders; but I do like this!

  4. love the mix of scary spiders and prissy pink =P very cool

  5. The pink looks great on you. Youre tunring into quite the frankener. I love the edge the spiders give it.

  6. Pretty with a twist! I really love manis like this...the unexpected...juxtaposition of subject and color.
    I always go ga-ga over pink and black combos.

  7. Hearts and spiders together would be a very good way to explain you. xoxo!

  8. Seriously cute, though the pink is way more evil than the spiders. :-P

  9. I love it! If pink is to girly for you, just add a spider or two. =)

  10. Aw lovestruck spiders! There have been so many spidery blog posts around this week, I need to find my spider lip stud and start wearing it so I can join in...

  11. I don't like spiders at all but I can get behind this juxtaposition of sweet and evil. You rock!

  12. I love it! I don't mind some real spiders, it just depends on the kind of spider it is. I love spiders in accessories, so this is great! Victory to the spider! LOL!

  13. Diane- I am normally more of a hot pink girl but this is my exception.

    Phyrra- my Spiders a safe.

    gildedangel- I'm unusually attracted to spiders.

    Angie- I think you just described me. Scary and prissy! lol

    Jess- I am sticking with easy colors to franken. :)

    Kitty- Thank You!

    Lisa- Oh you make it sound so artistic! Holds pinky up :)

    Diana- You know me so well!

    CucumPear- I completely agree!

    Sasha- That's right, or a snake or blood spatter. lol

    LiseyDuck- Oh if I weren't such a wus I would get my lip pierced and I would certainly have a spider lip ring!

    Lamby- Sweet and evil are two of the most fun adjectives! I suppose anyone who love Metal can appreciate Sweet and Evil together!

  14. You successfully made baby pink AWESOME. :) Very cool.

  15. Very pretty pink. You dressed it up so pretty with the hearts and spiders. A perfect manicure for a perfectly wonderful Evil Angel. Love ya.

  16. cute and creepy at the same time lol. I like it!

  17. Adorable. The spiders actually remind me of these little black and white jumping spiders we get in my area. They are creepy and cute at the same time. I love watching them jump.

  18. Sweet! Although I don't think I could pull it off, I admire anyone who can!

    Stopping by from Diane's blog!

  19. Liz- Thank You, I try! :P

    Lucy- Thank You lovie!

    Kae- Cute and creepy that's my specialty!

    Deb- Are you in Texas? We lived in Austin and had these tiny little jumping spiders.

    Joy- You can pull anything off, it's all in the attitude! Any friend of Diane's is a friend of mine! i just love her!

  20. This is so cute! That baby pink is so me! And I love the konad on it lol. Its much more noticable on a baby pink!


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