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Play date

Today was awesome!
I met Ange-Marie of Scandalously Polished for a short Nail polish play date!
Yay a beauty addict that lives near me! *swoon* (P.S. She is smokin' hot too, it's not fair at all!)
I won The gorgeous Diamond Cosmetics Cherry Tobacco in her giveaway and she delivered it in person!
So it was a double win! She also brought me OPI Sapphire in the snow.
We had coffee and I'm sure the people at my local coffee shop think we are crazy as loons after spending over an hour chatting non stop about nail polish!
I had so much fun, Ange-Marie is as sweet and adorable as her blog!
Yes we will be scheduling more Play Dates soon!

My nails for the moment are OPI Merry Midnight with CND effects in Scarlet shimmer.

I was hoping for more flakies but it's a bit sparse and they kind of get lost in the glitter.

I'm not sure if I love this or not?!

I do adore CND effects Scarlet Shimmer!

It's actually a nice bright pink shimmer.

What? Well where do you keep your nail polish when you're taking pictures?
This is my Photo shoot mini storage.


  1. LOL@ storage. I'm going to have to remember that. Might come in handy some day!

    I love play dates! I'm having one this weekend with four lovely ladies.

  2. Thats beautiful! I was thinking that this might be the one polish I wear on friday and take back with me.

    I'm glad you had a fun playdate, I want a fun playdate.

    I love your necklace btw.

  3. i need more storage! lol

    sounds like a super fun date! pretty color too!!!!

  4. I love the nails, and it is so cool that you got to meet a fellow blogger in person!

  5. Whats not to like?...seriously, it's beautiful on you!
    Love the CND Effects! While I have the Sparkles, and have yet to get the Shimmers.

  6. Phyrra- Thank you!

    Ginger- Thank you! :)

    Kirsten- Storage is important and Play Dates rock! Have fun!

    Jess- You come on over we'll have a fab play date!

    Diane- I'll share my storage, I have too much! lol

    gildedangel- It was great meeting Ange-Marie!

  7. That color is GORGEOUS on you!!!

    and i LOVE LOVE LOVE your necklace!

    also I must say...YAY!!! someone else that uses that space for storage!!! That's where I carry my cell phone during the summer! It was especially fun with my old phone cause my hair would get caught in the antenna, and I wouldn't realize it and move it and the antenna would extend, and I'd walk around with an antenna sticking out of my cleavage! the looks I got where hysterical!

  8. Christy- Thank You! Chris made the necklace for me at one of the dog id machines. lol
    Oh that is the best storage system I have yet to find, no one can steal it and it never gets lost, although I have temporarily lost money in ther and the occasional lipstick! :)

  9. I'm loving this OPI. I almost bought, but my husband was with me, and he did not like the color in the glass! But seeing the color in so many blogs, I'm thinking of buying one for me too!

  10. ooh this looks so classic on you!! p.s. i love your necklace <3

  11. How fun! I think Kitty is the blogger that lives the closest to me and she's five hours away! I envy that you got to meet up but I'm so happy you had fun!

  12. That was crazy fun and as soon as this holiday crap is over we HAVE to do it again! And smokin hot? thanks sweetheart, but I'm making an appointment for you to get your eyes examined hahahaha xoxo

  13. p.s. I totally almost wore Merry Midnight to our playdate!

  14. What a cute necklace!!! How sweet you got a personal delivery!

  15. What a fun playdate you must have had. I'm sure we could go on for hours talking about nail polish and makeup. If I stick something in my cleavage it's not going anywhere! Love the necklace. I cracked up that Chris made it from the dog tags.

  16. Thats beautiful! I was thinking that this might be the one polish I wear on friday and take back with me.

    I'm glad you had a fun playdate, I want a fun playdate.

    I love your necklace btw.


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