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Black Label Society

The European Invasion
Doom Troopin’ DVD

This 2006 DVD is 210 minutes of Zakk Wylde and BLS straight up jamming in Paris.
This is an excellent DVD for playing guitar to or to just chill with some killer live music.
Disc 2 is a great mini set preformed in London. The end of the show is the best!

The one thing I did not like was the dude who sings with Zakk later comes out for a pointless stage dive. The dude is a dumbass of no importance and this should have been edited out.
If you’ve never seen BLS Live this is a killer representation of their stage show and worth the $15.00.
I give this DVD 4.5 guitar picks only because that stage diving idiot really annoys me.

By Chris (aka Mr.EvilAngel)


  1. You should definitely check out the movie "ANVIL" would like it a lot...look it up and thanks for the great blog...

  2. I love the guitar pick rating! Thanks Mr EvilAngel!


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