All the Beautiful people

A Konad for my Lovies!

It was an overwhelming Konad it last night so I did!
I took a little of everyone's suggestions, because I aim to please. (as long as it makes me happy too)
So I added a little lace. Lucy wanted Green, I failed you Lucy. My only good Konadable green is China Glaze Cherish which turned out to be too loght to show well. Sorry. I added Sparkle for Lisa Kate and black seemed to be a lot of peoples option so I added black bows.
I used Konad image plate m57 for the lace and m3 for the bows with Sally girl Poser(black).
I sparkled it with Hard Candy Sugar Daddy. I hope you all like it!

Click pictures to make them huge.

Sugar Daddy is just on the tips and blended up lightly toward the center.

Limited Sun today so these are the best of the 40000000 I took.


  1. This is beautiful! I love the bows :)

  2. Even though you failed me on the green I still love it. I love lace on the nails and the bows are adorable. So I would definitely call this a win! Looks beautiful on you sweetie. Love ya and have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I adore this look! Is there such a thing as a zombie lolita? It's both sweet and gothic at the same time. Makes sense to me! ;)

  4. Jess- Thank You!

    Phyrra- I love this color too!

    mayra- It's Illamasqua MILF

    Ginger- Thank You!

    Lucy- Thank You sweety! Have a great weekend! xoxox

    Diana- Makes sense to me too! I love that description!

  5. That is so cute! It must have taken you forever to stamp all of those bows!

  6. I absolutely *love* it!!! Sparklies and bows make me giddy!!

  7. Hoping you would cave to pressure! :D

    They look lovely!!


  8. Nice to see you please your fans! ;) Great Konad on such a stunning polish. Thank you, Danielle x


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