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Smelly Nails :)

This has been siting in my untrieds for a while and last night I really needed to change...
I mean it had been 48 hours with the same color. But this stupid evil cold has me in a major brain fog so I asked Chris to pick a color for me. He said why don't you do one of those fruit smelly ones. Ummmm....first how does he remember that I have those when I don't even remember? So I showed him the 3 smelly polishes and he picked Revlon Pretty in Papaya.
This applied very well, a bit streaky on the first coat but the second smoothed it rightout.
Oh man, even with a cold this smells fabulous! Papaya nails mmmmmm....

Now acourding to the "rules" I should be warm toned since I have dark hair, dark eyes and tan easily but nope, I look horrid in gold, yellow or anything warm toned so I am proof that the rules are broken.
So this is way too warm of a Coral/ Orange and made my skin look really bad so I Konadded it with Konad special polish in white, using plates m57 and m40 which cooled it down enough for me to enjoy my smelly manicure.

This smells through 2 coats of Seche Vite

A tropical mani to defeat the snow

Still no sunshine so these are all taken outside in overcast lighting while freezing my butt off!


  1. I really love this one. It might be my favorite Konad you've done yet. I love how you used the 2 different plates but it looks like it was just ment to be.

    And keep your butt in the house, its damn cold outside and you aren't going to get any better if you are out there in the snow. Dont let me catch you outside again!

  2. I LOVE how your nails turned out :)

    And the cold sucks. HATE HATE HATE

  3. Oh, and don't always believe those warm/cool things.

    They're very basic, general guidelines, but they're by no means 100% accurate.

    I just ignore them and try to pay attention to what makes my skin look like it's coming alive. Fuschia, Aqua and Teal are colors that do that for my skin. I think some purples do, too.

  4. I am the same with my skintone! I look like crap in gold and yellow, but I too have dark hair, eyes, and tan easily. It can be frustrating as I really like gold.

  5. you went 48 whole hours with the same manicure??!? *GASP*! :)

    and phooey on rules! this turned out beautiful!

  6. The Mani looks great! Love the Konad.

  7. ooh, fun! I love scented polishes! The "rules" of coloring don't seem to work quite right for me either. I have dark hair and eyes, tan easily, and my undertones are yellow/olive, but I really hate yellow and tan colors on me. So, I just wear what I like and don't worry about it.

  8. Jess- Thank You and Yes Mommy! :P

    Phyrra- Thank You! I hate the cold and snow!
    Rules never seem to apply to me or maybe I just ignore them. lol

    gildedangel- I just want to wear a pretty yellow, but they look bad on me.

    Diane- I know, but it took me being sick and dying to leave it on that long. lol I have issues!

    Princess- Thank you! :)

    Madeline- I have given up on the stupid rules and stick with what I like and try to addapt what doesn't really suit me to be tollerable.

  9. Very pretty konadicure. Very creative.

  10. Smelly polish you say? Interesting. When did these come out?

    I think the color looks great on you, especially pic #2. Awesome Konad collage-ing!

  11. Mary Ann- Thank You!

    Lisa- They came out this past summer (Revlon Fruitfull temptations)and I've seen them on clearance at Walgreen and Ulta. I only have the Coconut,Strawberry and Papaya and am looking for the rest. There is Strawberry, Papaya, Coconut,Blueberry,Mango,Raspberry,
    Cherry,and passion fruit.

  12. Gorgeous Konad! Love the Papaya nails too, such a pretty summer colour!

  13. wow!!! this is really the papaya nails...

  14. I'ma proof too that the "rules" don't always work. My hair is naturally blonde and I have blue eys but cold tones don't work with my skin at all.

    I love the polish and I think I have it. Good to know that you think it smells good. The peal white one smells like sunblock and I really don't like smelling like that all day long

  15. From your pictures, this color looks great on you! I'm the same way with not looking good in gold, etc. Haha... today I'm wearing gold anyways!

    Also, I love how you finished the edge of the fishnet pattern with the bouquet! Very Pretty!

  16. I Googled this just after replying, and WOW! I want Not So Blue-berry and Sublime Strawberry.
    It's my day off today and I have plans on searching for these in addition to getting my fill and hitting up a couple of Dollar Trees, for you know what.

  17. Danielle- As gray and dreary as it's been around here a girl needs a little summer pick me up! :)

    Thriszha- Thank You!

    S-Thanks for the tip, I might have to swatch that one first.

    PolishHoarder- Thank You! I'm getting creative with the few Konad plates that I have. So far so good!

    Lisa- Good luck, I've had none finding the rest of these. I hope you find a nice treasure!

  18. I like your Pretty in Papaya mani!! ^_^
    You make me laugh so hard with the comment about freezing your butt ^_^.

  19. Your nails look fabulous. I love the shade and the design is gorgeous. Sorry you have a cold. I hope you feel better. I have all of these polishes. I haven't used this one yet. Shame you don't like this on you. Feel better sweetie.

  20. So lovely classy lacy nails!
    I had some Jelly Belly nail polishes but they're kind of poop, we don't get the Revlon scented ones over here unfortunately. :(

  21. Lovely! Your Konad is killer as ever!


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