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Orly Spring 2010 Bloom collection

Orly sent me their Spring 2010 collection: Bloom
Sadly 2 bottles did not survive :(

Blushing Bud and Ginger Lily died on the journey! Let's have a moment of silence!
Darn it I was really looking forward to Ginger Lily too!
These beautiful Ladies did make it.

Orly's descriptions:
Take a walk through Wild Wisteria in Blue Purple Creme
Thorned Rose's have a wild streak with Red Wine Creme
A Pure Petunia shows her sweet side in Mauve Purple Creme
Get lost among the Wandering Vines with Green Creme

My Descriptions:
Wild Wisteria is a dark Blurple creme, bright not dusty in the least.
Thorned Rose is a Deep Red slightly wine creme.
Pure Petunia is a Mauve crem that leans a little on the fushia side.
Wandering Vine is a dark Forest green creme.

I will get these swatched and up in the next couple of days.
Thank You Orly for being my very first Collection preview!


  1. Neat! Congratulations on getting preview polish!
    I'm really looking forward to seeing the swatches, Wandering Vine already is on my wish list.

  2. My eyes went right to the Thorned Rose. Red and flowers I'm there.

  3. CP- Wandering vine is Chris' favorite to. I'll try to swatch tomorrow!

    Jess- Great mines lovie, that's the one that grabbed me too.

  4. OOOH! So exciting! I love Orly so much. Can't wait to see these on your killer nails, sis!

  5. I added them all to my list. I really love Wandering Vine. Shame two broke on you. Will they replace them?

  6. My eyes went right to the Thorned Rose. Red and flowers I'm there.


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