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A Vampire Revolution

OPI Vampire State Building with Color Club Revvvolution!
I saw another blogger (can't recall who :( sorry) that did a lovely manicure with glitter at just the very tip of the nail. This is my version.
I used OPi Vampire State Building as a base, 2 very thin coats because I wanted it to look more jelly than creme. Then I brushed a coat of Color Club Revvvolution across the free edge allowing just a tiny bit to drag the very tip of the nail. It's subtle but I'm loving this.

Pardon the dust particles on my nails, we are having extremely high winds so everything is flying about and I had just put a dab of Mango mend on so it all stuck to my nails. :D

Oh and clean up was bad since our power went out 4 times while I did my nails.

I like this, it's like my little secret holo prettyness!

I love combing two of my favorite colors!


  1. Stupid power, it needs to come on and stay on. You better be feeling better since your outside!?!

    This is one damn sexy mani, VSB and CC Revvvolution. Can't go wrong with those two babies.

  2. Power outages are le suck.

    I love the glitter tips! Great idea from whoever she is. ;)

  3. ooooh I love holo tips! I did MPJ tips on world aids day, and seeing this makes me think I need to do it again very soon. Only christmas-y. Maybe emerald sparkle this time. love it your nails are gorgeous as always

  4. I love it. You can't go wrong with holos and vampies.

  5. Jess- I'm feeling better, just some asthma issues lingering. Thank you! hugs

    Kirsten- Thank You, I think it might have been Brooke.

    Ange-Marie- Yes do it with Emerald Sparkle that would be gorgeous!

    Michelle- :) Thank you!

    Deb- I must agree, Vampy's and holo's are two of my favorites! <3

  6. That looks so cool, I love the combination!

  7. Good to know you are feeling better :), love the pics in the sun, pretty colors!

  8. I remember exactly which mani you're talking about, but like you, I can't remember who did it! :(

    I love this on you! The color goes really well with your skintone.

  9. mmm reminds me of a fancy drink with salt/sugar rimmed glass. Very nice!

  10. looks great! gorgeous colour indeed<3

  11. That is a gorgeous color. I love this mani.

  12. Love the subtle holo tip! I think that was best because VSB is stunning and deserves the spotlight!

  13. Yum! I love this!!! That lil stripe of sparkley goodness is adorable!

    Hope your power stops sucking XD

  14. Your nails look fabulous. I think this polish was the first OPI that I bought. Your nails look so lovely with the tips in Revvolution. I love the look.

  15. this is fantastic!!!!


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