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Have you heard of Good for you girls? I'm having a sweet Giveaway

I found Good for you Girls website about a week ago and I am so in love
with this concept. They are all about Healthy, natural skin care for girls. Now you all know that I have a billion children most of which are girls so this is huge for me. I contacted Kim and asked probably too many questions and she was so sweet and answered them all and offered me even more than I expected.

Here is a little about Good For You Girls:
At Good For You Girls™, we use only the purest, natural ingredients that are safe for young skin. Created with uplifting organic extracts and essential oils, our products offer real skincare for girls who are looking for an effective natural solution. Our simple, three-step process of cleansing, toning and moisturizing will effectively clean skin of impurities, balance pH, and help to protect young skin from the elements leaving only clean, luminous, naturally beautiful skin.
(I borrowed this from the website)
We are so lucky because Good For You Girls has offered a sweet giveaway to my readers
A bottle of Blemish wash and a 2oz. Moisturizer.

Here is some info on these two products:

Good For You Girls Blemish Wash is 100% Natural with NO Parabens, Synthetics, Sulfates or Dyes.

Formulated with Natural Salicylic Acid that comes from Willow Bark, the most powerful natural acne remedy.
Delicate Jojoba beads loosen excess oils and impurities while an effective blend of tropical fruit enzymes and the meadowsweet fight bacteria.
Organic calendula and chamomile extracts help sooth skin and calm redness.
Delicious citrus aroma from organic essential oils leaves you refreshed and revived.

Moisturizer Maintains skin's healthy moisture balance without clogging pores. Our lightweight facial moisturizer absorbs instantly to help protect against moisture loss. Organic extracts and aloe vera help replenish nutrients while green tea and organic chamomile extract helps to protect from free radical damage and inflammation.

I am so jealous that Good For You Girls was not around when I was a girl but my girls will definately be using their products. I just hate the thought of rubbing chemicals and goo on their healthy, young skin.
Definately go look at the website, read, learn and absorb all of the great healthy skin care tips and info.

Good for You Girls has also kindly offered a 15% OFF discount code for my fabulous readers
Just use code BNP&LG

Giveaway rules:
You must be a follower of Black nail polish & Lip gloss and you must answer the Contest form question!
That's it!


  1. Awesome giveaway. I'm checking this place out, we've had this discussion about my blemish prone skin and how I like natural stuff. yay! You rock.

  2. this would be awesome for zoe. her face gets bad sometimes, we've tried lots of stuff. always willing to try something new and see if we find something that works.

    thanks for the chance - cool giveaway!

  3. I wish there was stuff like this when I had acne as a kid too. I probably tried every nasty, chemically-laden acne product under the sun and nothing helped. Some products just seemed to aggravate the situation. It took getting older (and less oily) for me to finally stop breaking out.

  4. Nice giveaway! I'll have to check them out since even now I have such uber-sensitive skin.

  5. Hmm. I may try some of these. I've been searching through ingredients lists for too long avoiding SLS and alcohols... those yicky things that work for two days and that send me into a major breakout. Since these don't contain either of those, I may give it a try!

    I just wish they weren't so geared toward young girls with their packaging. I'm going to feel silly using this... >.>

  6. The product sounds promising. Though I'm a little bit worried about the inclusion of jojoba beads. If I remember correctly, jojoba oil has acnegenic property, which means it could be causing acne on acne-prone skin? I know my skin is always playing up whenever I used products with jojoba oil on it...

  7. I haven`t heard about this brand. Thank you for the giveaway!


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